DOTONE Nintendo Cardboard Arcade Bracket Review

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DOTONE has created their own version of Nintendo’s Labo with this new arcade bracket for the Nintendo Switch. Made entirely out of cardboard, this arcade bracket holds your Switch in an arcade fashion with the joy-cons undocked. Check it out here!

DOTONE ships the Nintendo cardboard arcade bracket in a flat form, that then requires you to assemble it yourself. By bending cardboard, this DIY bracket uses no glue or tape. Fully able to be assembled by following the instructions given below:

Following the picture instructions provided on the box, we then assembled the DOTONE cardboard arcade bracket in steps:

At the end we were able to fully put the Nintendo Switch inside, by sliding the screen in the top and wedging the joy-cons into their slots.

All in all I think it’s a perfect little device for someone who not only needs a Switch stand (which it’s really fantastic for), but to play multiplayer or by themselves. We personally gave it a shot with Sonic Mania, and thought that it added some nostalgia to the game.

The DOTONE cardboard arcade bracket may not be an official licensed Nintendo Labo product, but it’s really adorable, and for the Amazon price of $6.99 with Prime shipping it’s totally worth it. Kids would enjoy it, and we certainly did.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Nintendo Switch Fits Perfectly
  • Great Functionality as a Stand and Arcade Box


  • Joy-cons Were Difficult to Fit at First


Assembly/Instructions - 9
Material Strength - 10
Ability to Be Used - 9.5
Quality of Product - 8.5
Price - 9.7
Functionality - 10
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