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Diving into Farming Simulator 19, this is my first Farming Simulator. I’ve never played the game series before, and that’s why I wanted to review it. I’ve always been intrigued by how engulfing and mesmerizing the game is, and I can say that it’s definitely a game I’ll be playing again.

Farming Simulator 19 seems to have the basic farming needs but the game is gorgeous. The graphics are way better than the streams and videos I’ve seen of the previous Farming Simulators, and for me that makes all the difference.


As you would expect with Farming Simulator the goal is to farm and build your empire, but with that comes a few different game modes that make the game much more enjoyable, especially for those who are new to it like I am. Not to mention the helpful tutorials that show guides on using the different key binds in the game so you can be successful.

Help Menu

Gameplay Modes

Game modes

  • New Farmer – sort of a tutorial to the game (and the one I selected) that is described as:
    • “You already own land and some equipment. In Ravenport, we’ll teach you how to play Farming Simulator”
  • Farm-Manager – seems to be a middle-ground where you have more selections and options
    • “You start with substantial funds but no land, no buildings and no equipment. It’s up to you to decide what your farm will look like”
  • Start from Scratch – this one seems like you’re very familiar with the genre and series
    • “Your starting capital is very limited and you don’t own any land or equipment yet. The economy is tough, prices are low: gameplay elements are on the most realistic setting”


Not to mention one of the biggest helpers in the game for me were the tutorials ranging in:

  • Arable Farming“Learn the basics of the game and how to effectively work your land”
  • Crop Protection“Learn how to use a weeder and a sprayer to protect your crops from invasive weeds”
  • Fertilizing“Learn how to fertilize your fields to get the maximum yield”
  • Soil Care“Learn how to give your fields the best soil for growing crops”
  • Baling“Learn how to make and transport bales”
  • Forestry“Learn how to fell trees, cut them down with a chainsaw and harvester, and sell the logs”

Starting my Farm


When playing my game I decided to farm in the lovely map of Felsbrunn, compared to Ravenport simply because I thought it looked more exciting. When launching the game it came with vehicles, wheat land, and a bunch of other amazing statistic and informational sources for making the farm better. Not to mention I was given a bit of money to make it work, and I found that the game was so relaxing. I enjoyed learning about the farm, and all the new machinery and locations around Felsbrunn, and I can honestly see why the simulation games are intriguing.

Soundtrack & Graphics

Felsbrunn Map

The soundtrack to the game is exactly as you would expect – barn-like. There’s noises for everything that you do; starting machinery, annoying passing cars by blocking them and hearing honking, animal noises, and of course splooshing into water with your Fendt. They’re all accurate to what you’d expect when playing a Farming Simulator game, and it makes it much more engulfing.

As for the graphics, I’ll say again it is gorgeous. When GIANTS Software said they were changing the graphics engine they weren’t lying. It shows in how much detail and realistic looking the animals, crops, and people look. It’s more immersive than ever.

Things I Enjoy

John Deere

John One major part of Farming Simulator 19 that I really enjoyed was seeing all the brands in-game. When playing you can look and instantly recognize some of the most notable brands in the farming and outdoor maintaining world. The brands included are: Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr, and newly added for this addition in the franchise, John Deere. This makes the game even more realistic, especially in how each vehicle has multiple controls that pertain to lifting equipment, sowing seeds, and of course getting your crops.

Things I Didn’t Enjoy

Stardew Valley (a much more casual farming sim)

Though Farming Simulator 19 is obviously about farming, one thing I didn’t love was the spreadsheets and data information section of the game. As someone like myself would play the game more for casual winding down without the expectations of an FPS or fighting game, it has a lot of work in order to succeed. I look towards Stardew Valley as my ‘experience’ in farming sims, and comparing the two yield drastic differences. In Farming Simulator 19 the game treats farming as if it’s your sole livelihood and you need to do your research to succeed, whereas in Stardew you are a pixel of many hats.

Overall Perception

Farming Simulator 19 is a very intuitive game that gives you all the resources you need to become a grand farmer, but a need to understand the game is essential to this success. You can’t just dive in knowing nothing about the series or game and be successful, the tutorials and New Farmer are great ways of breaking into the game so you can understand just why Farming Simulator 19 exists.

Just note that when diving into Farming Simulator 19 as a newcomer, there is a huge learning curve to be good at the game. You have to actually learn how to play Farming Simulator 19 and can’t simply dive into it.

Farming Simulator 19 has been out for a little over a month now, and you can get your hands on a PC copy through Steam, or get one for consoles including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


  • Great customization in farming.
  • Spot-on realistic qualities with animals and machinery.
  • Long-lasting gameplay for farm building.
  • Gorgeous graphics and sound effects.


  • Tons of complicated key bindings and mechanics to get used to.
  • Requires tutorials/help menu to get started (not easy for newcomers on the learning curve).


Gameplay - 8
Soundtrack/Sound Effects - 9.5
Graphics - 10
Game Mechanics/Keys - 7
Realistic Quality - 10
Options/Customization - 10
Ease of Gameplay (for newcomers) - 3
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