God of War – The Official Novelization Review

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Plaything through God of War was a huge trip in emotions, action, and full on story, and now reading the Official Novelization of God of War you get the same treat but this time you can understand literally everything the characters are feeling.

About the Book

Titan Books alongside J. M. Barlog has developed the new Official Novelization of God of War, bringing the acclaimed video game into a full novel. While it is written, it’s still just as violent and graphic as you would imagine from the video game, but gives you much more backstory and information regarding all the characters involved.

The dialogue created in the Novelization of God of War is very close to that of the video game if not identical in some areas, and includes some extra conversational pieces to line up the story in a way that is descriptive.

While the game was amazing, reading through the novelization was also fantastic for catching specific sections that I missed in the game, seeing the actual spelling of all the various Norse languages as he translates different scriptures for Kratos. Not to mention the extra dialogue for Mimir who I still find to be the best and most entertaining character in the game/book.

Without spoiling the plot for the entire book and game, know that setting the scene is where Kratos and Atreus (his son) are setting out on a journey to spread the ashes of his wife and Atreus’ mother at the tallest mountain. This then leads them on a much larger adventure as they encounter Norse gods (and sometimes kill them), and Atreus begins to see his father acting in different ways than he normally did (much more violent). Atreus himself starts to feel different than he had, and the story of father and son flourishes.

About the Author

A great thing to note about the book is that it’s written by J. M. Barlog, who happens to be father to Cory Balrog who is the Creative Director at SIE Santa Monica Studio. J. M. Balrog is certainly a seasoned author writing both Love is Murder and a consultant on God of War 2; this makes his official twelfth novel.

Final Thoughts

The Novelization for God of War is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the game and characters. Playing the game is one experience, while reading the story is an entirely different one that I highly recommend. There’s a clear struggle between Atreus and Kratos, as father and son; who learn more about each other as the plot progresses.

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  • Perfect Connection to God of War 2018
  • Action Scenes are Well Written
  • Character Development and Growth is Consistent with Game


  • Bridging Between Game and Novel Can be Weird


Story/Plot - 10
Characters/Development - 9.7
Connection to Video Game/Series - 10
Quality of Writing - 9.8
Bridge Between Game and Novel - 8
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