Jonesy – Nine Lives on the Nostromo Review

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Did you ever wonder what happened to the cuddly feline Jonesy during the 1979 film Alien? We all know Jonesy survived the attack, but what did he go through while Ripley was taking out the face-huggers? Titan Books has you covered. Author Rory Lucey has developed a comic-strip themed book dedicated to the life of Jonesy while the Nostromo is being plagued by the Xenomorph creature. Best part: this book is made for everyone, cat fans, Alien fans, and those with a cat-like curiosity.

Like any cat, Jonesy is as playful as you would expect. Sitting on his human’s face while she sleeps, attacking the face-huggers whenever he can, and of course being mischievous and curious like any of his species. Lucey has implemented the background story of Jonesy’s experience and how he survived. Without giving away too much of Lucey’s story, here’s some examples of the art-style (that is gorgeous by the way), and how the book itself is set up.

This comic-strip themed book is great at story-telling. Jonesy wouldn’t have any dialogue himself (except maybe internal thoughts) but for a cat that’s not necessary. The reader is able to envision exactly what Jonesy is thinking and planning on doing through the art and strips, and I think it compliments the theme very well.

After all, chickens like myself will never get to enjoy Jonesy like he deserves on the big screen. The prospect of watching Alien terrifies me to the bone, but after hearing bout Jonesy I couldn’t imagine what the poor feline went through during such a frightening time. That’s partially why I was interested in review this book because Jonesy’s story remains untold but ultimately interesting.

Jonesy – Nine Lives on the Nostromo is great for all ages, and includes zero inappropriate comic strips. Children could look at this book and not be terrified or scared because the face-huggers and Xenomorphs don’t look scary. It’s a perfect story about a cat’s intuition, nature, and ability to survive.

Jonesy – Nine Lives on the Nostromo is currently available at Titan Books, and is perfect for cat fans and Alien fans alike.

Jonesy, if I ever face a Xenomorph, I want you on my side.


  • Great Art
  • Beautiful Dialogue-Free Story Telling
  • Fills in Imaginative Gaps


  • Requires Prior Knowledge of Alien


Story - 9
Art Style & Quality - 10
Informative Knowledge - 6
Connection to Movie Alien - 10
Length of Book - 10
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