Let Me In

Not your typical vampire romance film

Watching your parents getting a divorce is hard, being bullied on top of it makes it worse. But we all have that one friend, though strange and odd, can make a difference in our lives. This is the premise of Let Me In.

Spoilers Ahead

Let Me In, is an older film that is currently on Netflix. Not knowing what to expect I decided to take a look as I had never heard of it before.

This is a remake to the film Let the Right One In, and it has a book as well.

The film’s story is about a young boy named Owen, Owen’s parents are in the process of getting a divorce and neglect Owen to a certain degree. In one scene where his mother is on the phone it gives you a good indication that Owen’s father was unfaithful. The divorce though and parental interactions are minimal. Owen is constantly tormented at school by a group of bullies that seem to never get in trouble. The bullying of course goes over Owen’s mother’s head as she deals with her own issues.

let me in

All seems bleak for poor Owen, until he meets a girl named Abby. Abby and her father live in the same apartment complex as Owen does, and despite the initial first impression they become friends. Abby though, has a dark secret. Her “father” is not her biological father, rather he is her guardian. Within certain scenes you can tell that her guardian was a childhood friend who grew very fond of her and would do anything to protect and care for her. All of this is due to Abby being a vampire.

To avoid Abby being caught, her guardian goes out and kills people. He drains their blood into a jug and brings it back to Abby to feed on. However this would not last long as he is soon caught. To avoid being recognized he pours acid on his face. Throughout the story Abby and Owen develop a strong bond, one that makes Owen realize that he has began to fall in love with Abby. With Abby’s help Owen overcomes his fears and is able to standup for himself when facing hardship. Despite the battles they encounter Abby and Owen remain together saying goodbye to the negative people who have harmed them.

let me in

This movie shows some of the old folklore of vampires as well as bringing about the tragedy of immortality. I really had a hard time critiquing this film. It was a very well done film that kind of reminds me of the dynamics between Louis and Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. As Claudia grew older mentally, physically she was stuck in a child’s body due to the curse. Louis ending up being her caretaker. The only thing though is Owen will grow old and Abby will have to watch this as she did with her previous guardian. Even though he loves her and stays by her side, he will never be able to have a relationship with Abby due to her curse.

The soundtrack works well with the scenes as it compliments the emotions conveyed in the scenes. The actors though really bring it together.You are left feeling a type of sympathy towards the characters considering the complexity of the relationship between Abby and Owen. With Owen running away to care for Abby, Owen may have to learn how to kill others as her previous guardian. Doesn’t help his case as he has been bullied tremendously and had to deal with his parents separation and fighting.Its not easy at a younger age to see your parents get a divorce, at least for some. Many divorces are clean cut and over with, while others can be volatile and toxic.

With everything being said, I highly recommend this film if you happen to be traveling through Netflix looking for a good film to watch. I honestly wish they had gone into Abby’s background more, but its still worth watching.

let me in


  • Traditional vampire folklore is presented
  • The story is well developed
  • Effects used in the film were well done


  • Story behind the Guardian would have made it more interesting
  • Abby's story could have been told out more


Story - 10
Characters - 8
Acting - 9
Soundtrack - 8
Effects - 8
Cinematography - 9
Genres - 8
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