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Little Dragon’s Café is a new game by Rising Star Games, and it immerses you into an entirely different world. Here, dragons exist, and it’s perfectly acceptable for children to be running a café on their own. Created specifically by Yasuhiro Wada, known for Harvest Moon and Rune Factory; which you’ll be able to see little tidbits of in this new game.


For the most part, the game surrounds two siblings who take care of a baby dragon and a café to help save their mother’s life. She is unable to wake up because she’s half-human half-dragon, and her children; a son and daughter, are gifted a dragons egg which is the key to saving her life. This is entirely the prologue, which then sets into the rest of the game, which is a farming/role-playing sim that lets you manage and harvest materials for food, and of course care for a baby dragon.

Though the story has progression, it’s highly dependent on the gameplay that is done, including: finding recipes, feeding your dragon for them to grow, and exploring the area.


One thing to note about the gameplay is that it’s focused around doing chores at the café and wandering outside with the dragon for food to serve up to customers. Along the way there are main “story quests” such as finding full recipes to enhance the menu at the café, and opening more locations to venture into. This coupled with the dragon’s growth leads into way more options for cooking and for harvesting.

An interesting part about the gameplay is that while you are running the café the customers and employees have their own ways of doing things, and occasionally you have to be the ‘bad guy’ and make them go back to work. At the same time, if you’re not pulling your weight at the café they will become disgruntled.

Through the game progression the dragon will grown on his own, and there’s no way to make the game go any faster than its own pace. This provides the gamer with ample amount of gameplay to take part in, while also becoming a nuisance at the same time.

Graphics & Soundtrack

The graphics in the game are beautiful and the art-style is fitting for the plot and simulation type. It’s very cutesy and whimsical in design, similar to that of Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. Aside from the interesting plot regarding the children’s mother, one of the things that kept me going further in the game was the graphics. In all honesty, the game is beautiful to play and is truly just appeasing to the eye, making it great to play.

Listening to the soundtrack, there’s no major tracks that stand out – it’s simply a farming/gathering simulation game with some plot and additional mechanics due to owning a café. It’s very pleasant to listen to, but it doesn’t have a major sense or earworm that sticks with you after playing.

Final Verdict

While I really enjoyed Little Dragon’s Café, I don’t think the replayability is strong with the game. I grew up playing Harvest Moon, and while this game does have some aspects that are similar, it’s lacking in the thickening plot that I remember from Harvest Moon.

Once you put 20+ hours into it, it feels a bit repetitive, like you would get with Stardew Valley. I feel as a gamer that the $60 price tag is very high, but I could easily see it selling for $30 – $40 and bringing in a large amount of newcomers. As for being played on the Switch (our review copy) it fits the console very well, and the portability adds to options when playing. Instead of having to sit at a computer, you can grab the Switch and play, but also put it down after a few minutes without any repercussions. Very good as a casual game.

If you would like to try Little Dragon’s Café for yourself it is available on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, currently selling for $39.99 USD for the Switch version, and $60 for the PlayStation 4 version on Amazon.


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Casual Gameplay Style
  • Characters are Developed
  • Soundtrack is Pleasant


  • Not a Fluid/Strong Plot
  • Can Be Repetitive Gameplay


Story/Plot - 6.2
Characters - 8.1
Gameplay - 9
Soundtrack - 7.3
Graphics - 10
Replayability - 6.3
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