Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game Review

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Paul Davies has done it again, and brought together a new art book featuring the hit PlayStation 4 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Published exclusively through Titan Books, take a closer look into how the beloved characters of Peter Parker, Aunt May, and Mary Jane were created by Insomniac Games. Spider-Man The Art of the Game is on shelves now!

Spoilers Below!

Spider-Man the Art of the Game has been split up into three major parts, City of Hope, City of Fear, and City of War. They all correlate to different allies, enemies, locations, and art that was developed for the game. Below is a few examples of what to expect in the game; and could be considered spoilers.

Contents of Sections

City of Hope includes:

  • Spider-Man
  • Peter Parker
  • Yuri Watanabe
  • Wilson Fisk: The Kingpin
  • Otto Octavius
  • Miles Morales

City of Fear includes:

  • Tombstone
  • Oscorp Tech
  • Raft Prison
  • Electro

City of War includes:

  • Doctor Octopus
  • Vulture
  • Scorpion
  • Rhino

The Incredible Forward

For Spider-Man the Art of the Game, the foreward was written by a true kid who loved Spider-Man growing up, and made it his passion. He’s known as the Exec. Creative Director for Marvel Games; Bill Rosemann. In his foreward he reflects on the history of Spider-Man through the various comics, movies, and games; and truly “What would Peter Parker do?”.

“You’ve no doubt guessed by now that the kid is me. But he’s also everyone at Marvel, Insomniac and PlayStation who grew up with the wall-crawler and is now lucky enough to work on Marvel’s Spider-Man. More importantly, he’s you. You are why we pursued our dreams to create games, and why we poured every ounce of our creative energy into making this particular game amazing. We thank you for coming along with us on this journey…

We all have a Spider-Man story, and hopefully we’ll run into each other at a convention or on social media and you can tell me yours. Until then, may your web shooters always be full of fluid, and may your spider-sense always warn you of danger, and may you never stop asking yourself: ‘What would Peter Parker do?'” – Bill Rosemann

Amazing Features

With art books there are just so many amazing features to discuss, and for us regarding Spider-Man the Art of the Game, it’s going to Peter and his close relationships. We apologize for the spoilers below if you have no played the game yet, and highly recommend not clicking our spoiler-tab if you are unprepared.


Peter Parker is truly the focal point of the game, and being the main-character there’s a good reason. Not only is he the web-shooting hero, but he’s a young man trying to balance his personal life, heroic life, and professional life. Some creatively fantastic aspects of the game include Peter’s notebook and how he reflects upon his role of Spider-Man. Insomniac Games created some sketches to show Peter’s thought process on his logo and mask.

Daryl Mandryk, Character Concept Artist create the page from Peter’s notebook to show the character’s process in his heroic journey.

There are also design sketches for Peter’s web shooters and other technologies that he uses throughout the game, that are shown. Peter’s known to be a genius engineer, and Daryl Mandryk created the design for it.

Daryl Mandryk design for Peter’s technologies.

Otto Octavius

Insomniac Games received a ton of freedom for further developing the characters in the Spider-Man universe, and that includes Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus). Insomniac developed Otto’s background, his personal and professional relationship with Peter; and made him become a true villain for the game. He wasn’t just being destructive for no reason, he had his own justification.

Daryl Mandryk helped create the final version of Doctor Octopus, with his destructive and dangerous appearance.

Octavius Industries

Dennis Chan helped develop the Octavius Lab, where Peter Parker works with Otto. Their relationship developed into mentor/mentee through the lab and work.

“The idea we wanted for Otto’s lab was to have the look and feel of a garage setup, and be more like a personal weapons tech lab than a bio/chemical lab. The Layout and elements should reflect Otto’s personality, but also the friendly relationship between Otto and Peter. Peter considered Otto to be his mentor, so to support that idea we wanted to present the lab as bright, colorful, and welcoming.” – Dennis Chan

Otto’s Lab

Aunt May

We’ve all seen numerous versions of Aunt May through the comics, movies, and previous PlayStation 2 video game for Spider-Man; but this new game gives us an older May who is a pillar of support for Peter. She provides him with moral guidance and of course her caregiver role though he is a young man now.

“May resembles what is good and pure in Peter’s life, what he needs to protect, and a reminder of his Uncle Ben – where his entire sense of duty and responsibility comes from. With that in mind, we wanted to create the sense of May being warm and caring through her appearance.” – Tim Tsang, Marvel Games Art Director

Aunt May and Peter

Why this Book

If you’ve had the opportunity to pick up the Spider-Man video game for the PlayStation 4, you’d know the game is brilliant and Insomniac Games did a beautiful job giving us a new-age Peter Parker without repeating the same old story. As for Spider-Man The Art of the Game, Titan put together all the hard work Insomniac did so us fans could enjoy their work, their process, and their developmental stages. Let’s be frank, this book is great. It gives you an in-depth look of their Peter Parker, how they came to his development, and why.

Should you play the game, I suggest getting the book. We’re currently playing the game, and this book blends exquisitely with the story in this video game.

You can personally grab your copy from Titan Books, which will direct you to Amazon depending on your region. Currently it’s selling for $25 with the MSRP at $39.99.


  • Great Concept Art
  • Layout of the Book is Perfect
  • Background Knowledge Heavily Provided
  • Insight and Connection to Game


  • If you're unfamiliar with Spider-Man it could be confusing.


Character Development - 9.1
Background Information - 10
Connection to Video Game - 10
In-depth Knowledge - 7.9
Concept Art - 9.2
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