Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion to the Films Review

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Titan Books has just published a new visual companion for the Men in Black series. See preview images here for the behind-the-scenes book, and the new Men in Black: International movie!

Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion

Men in Black has been a phenomenal franchise from 1997 through the latest movie in 2019. Covered in this visual companion is:

  • Men in Black
  • Men in Black II
  • Men in Black 3
  • Men in Black: International

Though all these movies had overlapping characters, they retained the same entertaining experience: science fiction buddy-cop comedy.

Men in Black

Men in Black came out in 1997 starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The hit duo started out the franchise, and made science fiction entertaining and funny.

Brandished in this companion is a replica of the MIB card, with 504 Battery Drive on the backside.

Along with this replica card, are behind-the-scenes images featuring the creation of key characters and models.

“Top to bottom: Baker and team prepping John Alexander. Aaron Simms painting the maquette, sculpted by Matt Rose”

“John Alexander, an actor and body-suit performer who had worked with Rick Baker on Gorillas in the Mist and Greystroke, was Rick’s one and only choice for donning the bulky latex Mikey suit and bringing this creature to life”

Men in Black II

The premise of Men in Black II was a bit different from the first, but had the same amazing cast. Featured in this film is a woman looking for her parents, but they just aren’t from around Earth. Featured for this addition is the Tapeworm Video Store card.

Included in the book is also concept art for the main enemy, Serleena.

Early concept art by Carlos Huante (2002)

Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 was an entirely new idea and was brought on by the success of the previous two. Time travel is the key for this film, and ends up being more of a prequel to the first one than was expected. The opening for this movie is on a maximum security prison on the moon, with Boris the Animal. Portrayed by the talented  Jermaine Clements, this addition to the cast added depth to the story. For this specific movie, the book included the visitor pass for the security prison.

There is also detailed concept art for the visual effects in Wu’s Diamond Garden Restaurant.

Men in Black: International

Without giving away the plot for the newest Men in Black film, Men in Black: International, know that it falls along the same buddy-cop comedy. The new cast of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth has changed up the movie pacing, but added new adventures.

The insert for this movie is a section of The Galaxy Chronicle, featuring ‘Martian Migrants Cause Rise in Crime’.

Alongside this, there is new concept art for the movie. With this movie just coming out, the special effects are astounding, alongside practical.

Final Thoughts

Men in Black is an outstanding film franchise that takes you on different adventures in each movie. This visual companion for the films is perfect for any fan that wants to know how these movies come to life. Looking back on the original 1997 film and how they utilized practical props versus the newest Men in Black: International 2019 release shows major changes in aesthetic design and technology. Having this companion book is perfect for any fan of the film, or one wanting to understand more of the process.

As someone who has seen every Men in Black film as they release I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Without revealing key images of the book know that it is astounding and something I will look at when re-watching them all. One of the most special moments I saw in this book was Will Smith in character on set, and thoroughly enjoying himself. That type of behind-the-scenes imagery is why I love books such as these that give us viewers a glimpse into the real creation.

Titan Book’s Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion is available for purchase directly from their website. From there, they’ll direct you to a local distributor.


  • Beautifully Detailed Imagery
  • Information on Production and Creation
  • Covers All Movies
  • Great Quality Companion


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  • No Further Information on Possible Franchise Additions


Stories - 10
Movie Connection & References - 10
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Production & Creation - 8
Book Length - 8
Quality of Book - 10
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