Nails Review

Nails: The Irish Angel of Death

Nails puts a few phobias out in the open for audience to see, in some cases its highly effective!

Spoilers Ahead!

Nails is a film about a track coach/mother named Dana Milgrom (played by actress Shauna Macdonald). Dana survives a near fatal car accident that lands her in the hospital. She wakes up finding herself paralyzed with a tube inserted in her throat to breath. The tube restricts her from talking so she is having to communicate by using voice program that is connected to a laptop. Dana has no choice but to receive help from her nurse Trevor, who will come in and help when bedsores start to form, or to empty her bedpans. Her husband and daughter visit almost regularly and it seems like she has a very supportive family. This turns out to be a not so blissful marriage.

Dana is struggling with the fact that she is now paralyzed, and at one point she sees her appearance and nearly has a melt down. A lot of this being due to the fact that her husband has a thing for younger and quote “hotter” women. Due to being paralyzed, having to use a machine to talk, and her worrying about her appearance, she believes this is going to be the worst of it all. Until a ghost starts hovering over her at night trying to kill her.

Dana is being haunted by “Nails”, a nickname of a past psychiatric patient who supposedly was reformed and given a job as a nurse. Nails’ real name is Eric Nilsson. Eric began killing little girls, one theory as to why was because he wanted to preserve their innocence. His title, “Angel of Death” has an actual history behind it. The definition is, “An Angel of Death is defined by their role as a medical professional and their use of this role to kill those under their care for various psychological reasons”. There have been many types of killers like this in the world, and information about them can be found here. Understanding that this is a real condition and action, makes the movie even more chilling.


There is a few phobias present in the film. The two shown most of the time being Nosocomephobia, the fear of hospitals; Claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces and or being confined. I imagine having an evil entity hovering over you would not be very helpful in this situation. Aside from the phobias and the evil entity trying to kill our main character, the movie holds it own very well. Shauna is a very good actress, with every character she plays you can feel her emotions. In Nails you could feel her fear, frustration, and anger due to her surroundings and circumstances. You can almost see yourself in a similar situation and thinking, “What would I do in this scenario?” I think we can all agree that none of us would want to be in her position.

Overall it’s a good film. One of the best you will find on Netflix? No but it is a good watch considering the story line and the effects are not that bad either! Give it a watch and see!

Nails is currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.


  • Actors are very good at emoting.
  • Special effects are on par.
  • Scenery is well done and kept to for the most part, in one location.


  • Some of the lines of dialogue needed improvement.


Acting - 8
Effects - 8
Soundtrack - 6
Cinematography - 6
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