Override: Mech City Brawl Review

Override: Mech City Brawl is a 4 player beat’em up mech fighter. This game brings an an updated throw back sensation to some of the best mech fighters from the early 2000s such as Gundam games for PlayStation.

The developers at The Balance Inc put their own spin on the game to make it stand out to both older mech fighting games and current generation fighting games. It has been on the market since Dec 3, 2018 and the developers have been keeping the game updated, releasing plenty of updates with new free content and bug fixes consistently.

Now with the lunar sale live and after following the game since pre-launch I figured it would be nice to push out a review on this game. Right now the game is $29.99, does the game live up to the price tag? Read on to find out.

What’s the game about?

Pilot a diverse roster of epic, skyscraper-sized mechs, each with their own play style, special moves, and finishers in the ultimate mech fighting game! Tower over your opponents and lay waste to entire cities underfoot. Destroy 3D arenas modeled after actual cities and countries, including Tokyo, Egypt, San Francisco, and Mexico. Challenge other players, gathering two to four friends to engage in dynamic co-op gameplay where each player is responsible for one part of a towering mech! Customize your mechs in the Garage, changing their accessories and skins to create your own unique style!

The Breakdown

Game Mode Types

This game offers a ton of different modes that are guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. First mode to be discussed is the Single-player campaign.

Single-Player Campaign

In this mode the player picks one pilot to experience a unique story-line where the world is being attacked by giant creatures and you’re a member of an elite mech pilots squad tasked to protect the world. There are cut scenes, witty dialogue and you get to meet your mech’s pilot. Something interesting in here is that each pilot has a unique personality.

Co-Op Arcade Mode

This mode has a couple sub-types where you and a friend can battle the AI in some randomized battles or even grab 2 more friends and take control of 1 mech (Power Rangers style) against an AI or other players. This mode is what makes this game stand out from all the other mech fighting games. Having 4 people control one mech is such a fresh idea and such a neat throwback to some of the older anime like Zoids or Voltron.

Online Mode

The online mode is a lot like the arcade mode where you can take the fight around the world in a 1v1, 2v2 or the 4v4 mode. Each offering a different and unique experience with a ranking system.

Base Gameplay Mechanics

Override: Mech City Brawl brings a simple yet complex gameplay experience. The gameplay’s core is based on players’ awareness and skill at their chosen mech with their weapon of choice. Each mech plays drastically different, some are meant for co-op battles other being more focused on solo fighting both are balanced out to where a player can counter each mech if they know both their own combos and weaknesses and the enemy’s mech combos and weaknesses.

Outside of combat, the player will be tasked to upgrade their mech with one of the many passive perks and equip themselves with certain items (that go along with the passive perks). Mind you the items don’t spawn with you instantly, they instead spawn on the battlefield.

The last base gameplay mechanic is the leveling system where you get to choose what stats to dip into to affect the power, sturdiness, movement, and health of your character (pay attention to this).

Character Customization

Players can obtain a healthy amount of skins for their mech. They can buy or find these skins after each match. There’s something else players can use for customization: accessories which are little add-ons to the outfits.

Besides the skins and accessories, players will have different items and perks obtainable throughout the game.This is something that was previously discussed during the base mechanics piece above. Basically, the player can unlock items after completing missions (or unlock skill points for stats you have to choose after each mission). The skill enhancement part is called “Research Facility” You can increase stats such as: Armor, Thrusters, Coolant, Actuators, and Genesis Drive.

Each of those stats make a huge difference depending on which one you decide to focus on.

    • Armor is your defense (how much damage you can withstand).
    • Thrusters increase your movement speed.
    • Coolant increases your heat capacity (which allows you to melee more, dodge, and use your boosters to move around).
    • Actuators stat increases punch and kicking damage (basic attacks).
    • Genesis Drive increases the damage and force of your ability type skills.

Mixing these stats with “mods” (perks) and items help players bring some unique builds that can make or break their mech’s combat abilities.

Personal Thoughts

Override: Mech City Brawl is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Whether you use controller or play with keyboard and mouse both are mapped out and implanted correctly. I feel like one doesn’t have an advantage over the other like in most fighting games. So that means control wise it’s up to the player’s preference.

The soundtrack is quite a throwback to older mech anime (Gundam and Voltron). It has a bit of an 80s-90s feel which fit the polished anime style visuals. I really feel like I’m in a new anime which main focus is to kick ass with a gigantic mech and save the world. Yes the dialogue in the game is something you’d see in a typical anime where there are some cringy lines, funny lines, logical lines and anything in between. Luckily the cringe factor isn’t high with this one which makes listening to the conversations mostly enjoyable.

The different ways to build the mechs I’ve noticed really make a huge difference to where I’ve had fun with each of the current mechs. At the time of writing, I have invested over 13 gameplay hours. The online part is more of a mixed bag at least for me. There is a bug where connected microphones automatically turn on so you hear everything over the soundtrack and call outs.

The servers have a little bit of lag that do affect those close moments when you are trying to counter you enemy or dodge their attacks. The community is sadly more toxic than friendly which has made me hesitant on wanting to spend as many hours as I thought I was going to when I first got the game.

The 4 player co-op mode was fun when I had a group of friends that I knew outside of the game but the matchmaking was just not fun (plus the player base is quite low). So the online side of the game is really its worst part. Now the co-op side of things is for the most part perfect. There is little lag and its fun to bring a buddy to smash other robots or monsters. I haven’t run into many bugs just some minor ones that the developers are aware of and said they will fix. So far they have been on point with fixing bugs and adding content.

With that being said is the game worth it? I have to say for anime mech lovers who enjoy fighting games (with somewhat open maps) then this is easily a healthy buy. There is enough content to warrant the $19 price tag but it hasn’t yet hit the marker for the $29 price tag but it’s getting there!

Either way it’s a ton of fun alone or with friends but if you are looking for a competitive fighter then stay clear of this game. The online community is terrible, servers are odd at times, and the player base is quite low which means newer players will most likely be matched with veterans.


  • An overall fun experience for both singleplayer and coop
  • Great throw back soundtrack
  • Smooth keyboard + mouse controls (and gamepad)
  • Tons of ways to make your mech unique to you
  • Little to no bugs
  • Great anime style graphics


  • Some of the missions on hard are harder then the ones on very hard
  • The toxicness of the small online community
  • The learning curve can be tough on a player
  • Every now and then you get objectives that make little sense in the campaign


Gameplay - 8.6
Soundtrack - 8.4
Writing - 7.6
Stability - 8
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