Overwatch News

Overwatch Rivalto Map Now Available!

Overwatch and Blizzard have just announced that the new escort map, Rivalto, is now available in the live severs. The maintenance was running slightly behind, but now players can see it in the Arcade choices and get it during Quick Play.

Overwatch Brings New Rivalto Map to Live Servers!

Blizzard has just announced that Overwatch will be adding the new Rivalto map to the live servers tomorrow, and many are excited about this new gondola driven map. Check out the details for it here!

South Korean Overwatch Hackers Sentenced

Watching over Overwatch Earlier this week, fifteen arrests were made on Chinese hackers who created and distributed hacking software for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Today, a similar case in Overwatch has resulted in two South Korean hackers out of thirteen arrests receiving sentencing.

Belgium Deems Loot Boxes Gambling

Second to the loot boxes party Last week, the Netherlands classified certain loot boxes as gambling and therefore illegal. Now, Belgium has made a similar determination towards three games. These games are FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Star Wars: Battlefront II, one of the other games examined, was deemed okay....[Read More]

Overwatch Changing Symmetra from ‘Support’ to ‘Defense’

Symmetra has always been an interesting hero in Overwatch, and soon she’ll be getting a huge overhaul. Symmetra will be moving from the ‘support’ category to the ‘defense’ one, as it will fit her abilities more fluidly. Check out the details here!

New Overwatch Skins For Pass Owners

For those who own the All-Access Pass for Overwatch League on Twitch, a new set of skins will be available to you. This will bring not only more variety to the game, but provide in-game content for the OWL participation! See it all here.

Overwatch Introduces Retribution PvE Event for Uprising

Blizzard has just announced they will be introducing a new PvE mode for the Uprising Overwatch Archives Uprising event. In this mode you play as Blackwatch including Moira, Genji, Reaper, and McCree as they take on a job in Venice.

Overwatch Brings Back Uprising in April

Blizzard has just announced in a Tweet that they will be bringing back the Overwatch wide Uprising event that happened last summer. This year we’ll see the event take place in April and possibly bring some changes. Check it out here!

Blizzard Welcomes Overwatch 2018 World Cup!

Blizzard has just announced the return of the Overwatch World Cup for 2018, along with how people can qualify for their country’s team! See the game schedule here, and what type of tier you need to be in for qualifying rounds.

Game Companies Unite To Fight Toxic Players

In order to fight back against the trend of abusive behavior by players in multiplayer games, several companies has joined together to form a new organization called Fair Play Alliance. Their mission can be found here along with the companies involved!

Overwatch League Planning for Player-Base Growth

The Overwatch League is aiming to expand the number of teams in the coming months. This comes after the OWL has been a huge hit with Overwatch players who enjoy watching the games.

Brigitte Now Playable in Overwatch!

As was promised by Blizzard, Brigitte is now a playable character in the public Overwatch servers, and is no longer exclusive on the PTR. Get your game on in Overwatch, and check out what this support and defensive character can do.