Overwatch News

Brigitte Joins Overwatch Later this Month

A new hero is officially walking onto the battlefield in Overwatch. After a few weeks of having Brigitte on the Overwatch PTR, Blizzard has finally given an official release date for the character.

Overwatch Unexpectedly Releases StarCraft 2 Free Widow Skin!

Blizzard just unexpectedly released a free limited-time Widowmaker skin on Overwatch to celebrate the StarCraft 2 20th anniversary! Check it out here to see the subtle Widowmaker changes.

Overwatch Introduces Hero #27; Brigitte Lindholm

Blizzard has officially announced that their newest hero who is a support character will be Torbjörn’s daughter Brigitte Lindholm! This comes after a developer’s update and introducing her to the Overwatch PTR.

Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Character #27

Blizzard is notorious for hinting at the lore in the game of Overwatch, alongside giving teasers before officially announcing the new characters. Now that we’re coming up on character #27, new hints have been revealed.

Dare to Walk Gets a Blizzard Response

With the massive success of the Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch, it’s only natural to assume that they suggestions by their fans for ideas to put into their game. At their most recent Overwatch League event however,