Pacific Rim Uprising: Ascension Review

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Pacific Rim is such an interesting series of movies; from the Jaegers to the Kaiju, and the prequel novel Ascension is no different. While it doesn’t have a ton of action in it like you would see in the movies, this book fills in a lot of details that we felt were missing from Pacific Rim: Uprising.

While I absolutely LOVE the Pacific Rim franchise and the movies, novelizations, and books; I didn’t particularly enjoy reading Pacific Rim: Ascension. In my own reading habits, I don’t normally love books that change point-of-view or go sporadically throughout a timeline, but for Ascension this was necessary for the story.


That being said, Pacific Rim: Ascension does bring to light some details that we went into the Pacific Rim: Uprising movie wondering about. From the individual characters to their drift compatibility, this book delves into both the new cadets and some old ones including Nate Lambert.

One thing I found very interesting in this book is the murder conspiracy that takes place including the cadets such as Jinhai and Viktoriya, and how the Pan Pacific Defense Corps is at work to protect the world from the Kaiju return. I won’t spoil the entire plot of the book here, but know that it skips around in the time-line from 2010 to 2030s, and the current cadets are involved.

For those of who haven’t seen Pacific Rim: Uprising, I suggest you don’t click on the spoiler tab below as it is HEAVILY related to the movie.

Pacific Rim: Uprising Spoiler

Now, as we all know Pacific Rim: Ascension is a novelization prequel to Pacific Rim: Uprising, so remember that Jake Pentecost and Amara Namani are not prominent characters that are very influential in this book. It was a HUGE surprise in Uprising when we found out Pentecost had a son, and that his said-son is not a proud Jaeger pilot.

Things I Didn’t Love

As stated above, while I LOVE Pacific Rim, I don’t enjoy the writing styles that were implemented in this prequel novel. I understand that for the book to succeed it was necessary to change point-of-view, and have the time-lapse. This writing style just always confuses me, and while I get attached to a character suddenly we’re onto a different one.

Things That Were Good

While the writing style was a bit wonky for me to fully grasp, the plot and dialogue in the story are there. They sound like Pacific Rim, and being in that universe it’s exactly what you’d expect. The character’s interactions and drift compatibilities are very well-written, and give you a feel like you’d expect when you’re reading or watching Pacific Rim.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of the Pacific Rim franchise, I highly suggest you grab your copy of Pacific Rim: Ascension from Titan Books. It accompanies both Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising very nicely, and I think they would be perfect for any fan. You can get your copy of Ascension here directly through Titan Books. If you’re interested in Pacific Rim: Uprising we have the official novelization review here as well.


  • Links to both Pacific Rim movies well
  • Develops character backstory


  • Point-of-view was sporadic
  • Timelapse skipping as tough


Story - 7
Character Development - 8
Plot - 6
Prequel Quality - 7
Linking to Movies - 7.5
Length of Book - 7
Dialogue/Writing - 7.9
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