Pacific Rim Uprising – Official Movie Novelization Review

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Titan Books has just developed the official Pacific Rim Uprising Official Movie Novelization with Alex Irvine, bringing the iconic movie to print for readers to enjoy. From thoroughly understanding the character’s emotions and mindset, Pacific Rim Uprising becomes an entirely new experience.

As someone who watched the film Pacific Rim Uprising in theaters, I can say that the movie was fantastic. It was full of action and a soundtrack that matched, and also showed character development, betrayal, and of course the Jaegers and Kaiju everyone loves.

Reading the Pacific RIm Uprising Official Movie Novelization I felt the same experience, but even more heightened. When watching the movie it was impossible to always understand character emotions and mindset, but reading it in print I felt like I had a better grasp on the characters and unfortunate villain.

Alex Irvine worked with the director Steven S. DeKnight, ang alongside the screenplay writers Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, and T.S. Nowlin to create such a captivating novel that has done the movie justice. This is of course not his first novel, as he worked on the original Pacific Rim Novelization.

Looking at the story, it matches the movie exactly as is expected with a novelization, where Jake Pentecost (son of Stacker Pentecost) returns to the Jaeger academy to teach the future generation of pilots should a Kaiju attack happen again. What is least expected is when his father’s friend Dr. Newton Geiszler betrays the human race by compromising himself and drifting with the alien brain he calls Alice. This leads to the big fight where a few young pilots are lost, but Jake Pentecost proves himself with a young pilot named Amara Namani and takes down the Precursor Emissary.

I really enjoyed reading this novelization, and the entire time I was able to imagine the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, it will give you a clear image of what to expect and beyond with character thoughts and emotions; something I very much enjoyed. Get your copy!

You can buy your copy of Pacific Rim Uprising Official Movie Novelization directly from the publisher, Titan Books.


  • Great Connection to Movie
  • Good Amount of Detail
  • Gives Background Knowledge of Characters


  • Action Scenes Could be Better


Story - 10
Character Development - 9
Connection to Movie - 10
Action - 7.9
Connection to Prequel - 8
Length of Book - 8
Detail - 10
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