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First look into the game Prime Mover:

Prime Mover is a 4Bit open-ended puzzle game that uses only the mouse of your computer to play the game, the player can design circuit boards, build, test and improve.

“In this open-ended puzzle game, you build circuit boards to solve a wide variety of logic and computer science inspired problems. Compare the speed and efficiency of your unique solutions with your friends and the world. Work your way from transistor to processor, uncover the story of the Byte of Burden!”

The game is straight forward on its intent and easy to start. Simple instructions are given to the user to aid them in solving the puzzles. What makes it unique is its setting and the layout. The soundtrack that is used has a more playful, upbeat tone while you play.

Going along the format of some games Prime Mover increases the difficulty each level. In a way the game itself reminds you of an older game that was made in 1995 named Widget Workshop: A Mad Scientist’s Laboratory. The similarities are only due to the widgets and puzzles. However, Prime Mover has made its own leap into the puzzle game realm by using very well done 4-Bit artwork and how they have developed their puzzles.

Prime Mover was officially released on May 21st 2018 on Steam, and is from the publisher and developer 4Bit Games. Currently it sells for $14.99 on Steam, and you can get your copy here!


  • Good 4Bit graphics.
  • Good progression from easy to hard on levels.
  • Good story basis for a puzzle game.


  • Not the type of game for those who hate puzzles.


Graphics - 8
Gameplay - 8
Controls - 10
Soundtrack - 8
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