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ABC Overhauls Roseanne for Spinoff

It was a racist tweet that actress Rosanne Barr made that triggered the series upheaval and eventual cancellation. Fans hoped there would be some way that ABC would revive the series. They won’t be disappointed. ABC announced today that they would be creating a spinoff of the Rosanne series tentatively titled The Connors.

ABC Considering Roseanne Spin-Off After Cancellation

After ABC decided to cancel Roseanne due to Barr’s tweet, the show’s future seemed to be settled, but now ABC may be considering doing a Roseanne spin-off centering around the daughter Darlene and her children.

ABC Cancels Roseanne Revival Due to Barr’s Tweet

ABC Television Network has announced today that they will be cancelling the Roseanne revival for next season due to one of Roseanne Barr’s tweets about Valerie Jarrett. While this isn’t the view of ABC or fellow Roseanne cast members, it is going to permanently affect the show.

Roseanne 10×07 “Go Cubs” Synopsis & Photos

We’ve got the new details on an upcoming Roseanne episode 10×07 “Go Cubs”. See the synopsis and photos here!

Roseanne 10×06 “No Country for Old Women” Synopsis & Photos

Roseanne is back with a new episode 10×06 “No Country for Old Women”. Check out the synopsis and photos here for the upcoming episode!

Roseanne 1×05 “Darlene v. David” Synopsis & Photos

Roseanne has made a huge impact on the reboot season, and now we see episode 1×05 “Darlene v. David” where we might just see Johnny Galecki! See the synopsis and photos here.

Roseanne Revival Renewed for an 11th Season!

It’s official, the Roseanne reboot has been renewed for an additional season after having a tremendous viewership during the one hour premiere last Tuesday. See all the details here along with the crushing viewership the show had!

Roseanne 10×04 “Eggs Over, Not Easy” Synopsis and Photos

Roseanne is back tomorrow on Tuesday March 27th with the premiere of the revival! Here we have the upcoming episode 10×04, “Eggs Over, Not Easy” synopsis and photos! Check it out before you watch!

Roseanne 10×03 “Roseanne Gets the Chair” Synopsis & Photos

Roseanne is back and we have the upcoming 10×03 “Roseanne Gets the Chair” synopsis and photos for the new episode on ABC. Check it out here before it premieres!

Roseanne 10×01 “Twenty Years to Life” and 10×02 “Dress to Impress” Synopsis, Photos, and Sneak Peaks!

We’re all excited for Roseanne to come back to the TV screen after being gone for decades, and with her she’s bringing the blue-collar flair we all enjoyed in the 80s and 90s. See the information in the first two episodes of the revival here!