Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Review

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THQ Nordic has re-released their iconic 2003 game, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy on the Nintendo Switch! This release comes over a decade after the game premiered on the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.

The Re-Release

The new release of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy comes with many enhancements in the graphics and sound, to make the game immersive to those who play it. It still has the classic 2003 era controls with the characters, that make it feel a bit bouncy and easy to move around. Spinx and the Cursed Mummy is surely one of the more underrated games of its time, and we’re glad to see it back in the spotlight once more.


For Spinx and the Cursed Mummy the plot comes from Prince Tutankhamen’s brother Akhenaten who is creating a conspiracy that Spinx interrupts – leading into you also playing as Tut the sidekick.

Like many games of it’s time, there are some platforming and puzzles to deal with, with Spinx and Tut having different ways to combat this. Sphinx is a much more combative character, whereas Tut is considered stealthy and puzzles, complimenting each other quite nicely.


Characters themselves don’t have any voice acting, where the player must rely on the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. This is perfectly in-line with the game’s original release in early 2000s, but could have been included for the remaster.

The environmental music and soundtrack is very fitting for the game. You can hear Spinx jump around on the ground while there are thundering noises in the background as ambiance. Overall it’s a very pleasant musical complication for the game.


The are basic controls in the game as you would find on any console. For the Nintendo Switch version that we reviewed the game utilizes X, Y, A, B along with L and R. Very easy to use on the Switch, in both handheld mode and docked.


The remaster for Spinx and the Cursed Mummy is extremely well done. It looks as though its been brought slightly into the current generation of gaming with the character design. The only drawback would be the environment still feels a bit dated.

Overall Thoughts

Spinx and the Cursed Mummy will always be a classic for it’s era, and bringing it to the Nintendo Switch is a very smart move. Because the game is remastered it’ll draw the eyes of many players young and old, to reminisce or play for the first time.

Personally I enjoyed playing Spinx and the Cursed Mummy. It was an nostalgic experience that brought me back to the classic games I played years ago. If you enjoyed Spinx and the Cursed Mummy on your original consoles in 2003, you’ll definitely enjoy it on the Nintendo Switch. Just imagine the portability of the game and remember how clever it was for its time.

You can get your hands on Spinx and the Cursed Mummy for the Nintendo Switch directly from their website for $29.99 USD.


  • Great Remaster Quality for Characters and Platforms
  • Works Fluidly on the Nintendo Switch


  • Could Have Added Voice Acting
  • Environment/Background Not as Remastered


Story - 8
Characters/Abilities - 8.9
Gameplay Mechanics - 6.5
Soundtrack - 6
Graphics/Remaster Quality - 10
Controls - 9.8
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