Swords & Souls: Neverseen Review

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Sword & Souls: Neverseen is an interesting take on a the classic RPG and turn-based game styles. Featuring  mini-games and a colorful art-style, the game immediately got my attention.

About the Game

When launching Swords & Souls: Neverseen, you get some brief character customization, and then your immediately thrown into this new world. You meet the character, Sir Pupset, who is not only the tutorial guide, but appears throughout the game.

What he does tell you is that there’s a training ground to help boost your attack, defense, and ranged skills; and this can be upgraded using money. Aside from upgrading, there’s a world map with quests and battles that you can choose to fight.

There’s no large drawback to losing a fight, but it’s better to be prepared and utilize the training ground so you can get more gold and XP used for upgrades.

Stats, Skills, & Inventory

For what I know about the game, there’s a multi-layer system for upgrades. There are training ground upgrades that give you more difficult foes, and this all goes into your personal XP. From the personal XP you can divide it out into the different stats. There’s also skill points for skills which is a whole other menu.

Stats & Skills
  • Mele
  • Ranged
  • Soulcery
  • Defense
  • Agility

The inventory is used for upgrading your weapons with gear up with 300 blackout ammo before you get after finishing a battle. This can increase your armor, along with any other benefits they provide.

Training Grounds

I really enjoy the aspect of having a training ground to upgrade within Swords & Souls: Neverseen. Not to mention the training ground has what I’ve unlocked of three fun mini-games which are:

  • Mele – hit apples and items before they hit you
  • Defense – block apples and spikes with your shield
  • Ranged – hit the bulls-eye on the targets

There are even smaller achievements you can get within the training ground to upgrade faster, which can be scenario based.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics in Swords & Souls: Neverseen is really bright and vibrant for an RPG game. The game certainly doesn’t take itself very seriously with Sir Pupset, along with how the game is very approachable in the RPG genre.

I can say I do enjoy the music in the training ground, and the sound effects that were added. It overall makes the game more engulfing in bringing you to this new world.

Final Thoughts

Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a truly interesting take on the RPG genre. In the inclusion of the training ground makes it easy yet difficult to train for additional stats and bonuses, while breaking up the constant turn-based fighting theme. There is slight customizations when you create your character, but everything else like armor and weapons you get over time.

I think that the game is really interesting, and not as hardcore as other games such as Darkest Dungeon.

You can get your copy of Swords & Souls: Neverseen directly on Steam for $14.99!


  • Great RPG Elements
  • Graphics are Vibrant and Enticing
  • Sound Effects and Music is Pleasant


  • Not a 'Big' Story
  • Too Few Character Customizations


Story - 4
Character Customizations - 6
Game Mechanics & RPG - 10
Controls - 9
Graphics - 10
Sounds - 10
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