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Tabletop Gods is a new strategy game geared towards tower defense. Developed by Ghost Fish Games and published by Other Ocean Group, the game gives you a battlefield to command against Gods.

About the Game

Tabletop Gods is one of the more interesting ‘tower defense’ games I’ve played. You are a God pooling for control within the Heavens, and to organize the chaos an arena has been made to pit God against God. Can you outfight your fellow Gods with your devote followers?

It’s very straight-forward in concept and story details. The game is geared heavily towards strategy, and while playing it I got tons of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator vibes, but less wonky physics and more serious gameplay.

As for direct gameplay, Tabletop Gods has both single-player mode, quick play, and arenas. In my experience playing it, single-player mode is a campaign of levels that you can play through that are pre-made scenarios. Quick play on the other hand, brings you to a server to play against another person and not an AI. Arena mode I didn’t have people to check it out with, but it holds up to 8 players and they can spectate and join voice chat with one another. It becomes more of a social game in that mode, whereas the others are less social.

Types of Factions

Now, the more interesting part is the type of enemies you get to command and face. There are humans, undead, and demons. But in a twist, there are mercenaries that can be used for any faction! When looking in the game, the menu opens up a Codex of all this information on how they work, and a small picture of the unit. This is really good to familiarize yourself with before diving into the game, which can be somewhat confusing at first.

Alongside the factions, there are spells and traps that you can utilize to your advantage and win the rounds.

My Game Experience

When starting this game, I thought it would be similar to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or turn-based games like Civilization IV, and I was very wrong. Tabletop Gods is a more fast-paced tower defense. The game starts out having a ‘set up’ mode with traps and cannons. After this section, the game really begins.

You can then start to place units, and in this game’s situation, giants, archers, and knights throughout the map on your side and the middle. They directly aim for the towers in their locations, and set out on their adventure. The game progresses with mana regeneration to replenish perished units, and the units themselves will receive level-ups from combat. To even this out, mana regeneration is also increased. It’s all very balanced out, but unfortunately can make it difficult for the enemy to catch up to your speed.

Controls & Graphics

Tabletop Gods has very basic controls. You select the unit with your click and place them down. You’re also able to zoom into the battlefield and see your units in action. This heightens the detail to the game and the graphics displayed. The movement in the game is also very fluid, and it’s overall a very basic strategy game with the controls. Where it shines in my opinion are the graphics. Everything is colorful and delightful to watch. The font for the text is appeasing to the eye, and there are distinct differences in the unit images. You will certainly always know what your selecting before placing them.

Sound & Accessibility of Information

Throughout the match you’ll hear the voice of ‘God’ telling you information. Example: “Your knights have already been placed” or “Knights require 4 mana”. If you try to place something too early before the unit or your mana has replenished, the game will tell you. As for accessibility, everything is available for you to learn. There are tutorial videos provided in the main menu when you load up the game, and there’s the Codex of enemy combatant information, along with the extra spells and traps. The only thing you must worry about is your wits in strategic play.

Other Modes

One thing to note about Tabletop Gods is that it has a VR mode! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience this mode for ourselves, but I think it would be even more exciting. Not only would the arena be around you, but I imagine that the controls for grabbing units and placing them is also very fluid. I certainly can’t wait to try it at first chance!

Final Thoughts

If you like strategy games and tower defense then this is the game for you! Tabletop Gods has all the elements of classic strategy games built into it, but in my opinion, it’s a much better package. The game is straight-forward, and the graphics are beyond appeasing to look at. I can easily see myself get lost in this game for hours trying to climb my way through the single-player mode until I feel confident enough for quick play.

You can get your hands on Tabletop Gods through Steam on your computer for $19.99.


  • Great Strategy Game
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Basic and Solid Controls
  • Codex Provides Information
  • High Replayability


  • No Story (but expected)


Story - 3
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 8.5
Graphics - 10
Sound - 7
Accessibility of Information - 10
Controls - 9
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