Fortnite, 2K, Sued by Alfonso Riberio Over Carlton Dance

Alfonso Riberio, the actor who played Carlton Banks in the 90’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, is suing Epic Games over an emote in Fortnite. He’s also filed a similar lawsuit against 2K for similar reasons.

2K Games Asks Belgian Fans to Contest Loot Box Ban

Not every company is willing to let Belgium’s ban on loot boxes stand unopposed. In a public statement, 2K Games is asking their fans in Belgium to tell the government that loot boxes are not gambling.

2K Brings Carnival Games to Switch [Press Release]

2K has officially announced they will bring the popular 2007 Wii game, Carnival Games, to the Nintendo Switch! With up to four players competing against one another, this is bound to be a popular Switch game.