American Horror Story

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is an anthology series that moves viewers to different stories during each of its seasons, always bringing some physical and psychological horrors that will be afflicting a certain group of characters. Throughout its seasons we have seen a family living in a haunted mansion, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a mysterious hotel, freaky clowns and the apocalypse.

FX Releases New Promos for “AHS: Apocalypse”

Are you an avid American Horror Story (AHS) fan?  Me, I’ve been in love with long-running anthology since the get-go.  You can imagine just how ecstatic I was over FX’s newly-released promo videos for the latest installment: Apocalypse.

Jessica Lange is Returning for Season 8 of American Horror Story

Jessica Lange is coming back for season 8 of American Horror Story. Sarah Paulson announced the development during a press conference tour.

Disney Officially Purchases Fox

It was announced today that Disney has officially purchased Fox, after they outbit Comcast for these licenses and content. Comcast offered to purchase Fox for a small price of $65 billion dollars, leading Disney to increase their initial offer of $52 billion dollars as a result.

American Horror Story Crossover Confirmed

American Horror Story creator Brian Murphy recently confirmed that the upcoming eighth season of the horror anthology series will feature a crossover between stories and characters from two of the show’s previous seasons.