The Hollow Tree

WHO DANCED WITH MARY BEFORE SHE DIED? After her hand is amputated following a tragic accident, Rachel Cooper suffers vivid nightmares of a woman imprisoned in the trunk of a hollow tree, screaming for help. When she begins to experience phantom sensations of leaves and earth with her lost hand, Rachel is terrified she is going mad… but then another hand takes hers, and the trapped woman is pull...[Read More]

Humble Brings Super Nebula Author Showcase Bundle!

Humble Bundle is welcoming in a new eBook bundle featuring Super Nebula Author Showcase, tons of Sci-Fi books presented by SFWA.

Humble Bundle Brings DevOps Books!

Humble Bundle is introducing a new book bundle featuring DevOps learning eBooks by Packt. Check out the new skills you can learn here!

Prima Publishing Book About Women in Gaming

Prima Publishing has announced that they will be debuting a new book called Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play, developed by Meagan Marie the senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics and former Game Informer editor. Check out the details on the book here and how it revolutionizes video games!

Humble Book and Audiobook Bundle Featuring Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Humble has just revealed a new book bundle featuring classic science fiction and fantasy eBooks and audiobooks. From the Black Unicorn to Letters from Atlantis this new bundle has plenty to read and listen to!

Get Musical With the New Humble Book Bundle: Learn to Play Music

Humble Bundle has just debuted a new bundle featuring books on learning to play music by Wiley. With an MSRP of over $515 in eBooks, this bundle will give you the musical talents over a span of instruments. See about it, and get it here!

New Lord of the Rings Book Announced; The Fall of Gondolin

A new Lord of the Rings book is coming out this year set in the world of Middle Earth. While this book will be posthumously published, it is indeed written by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, but edited and published by his son Christopher Tolkien. Check out the information for The Fall of Gondolin here!

Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Narrated by three unique pirate captains the book will take a look at the world through their eyes. From laughable pirate suspicions to the towns and islands these hardened seafarers call home, they’ll introduce and explore the fantastical Sea of Thieves, home to krakens, mermaids and buried treasure. Including sea shanties, illustrations and sketches by the pirates and their crew, and much mor...[Read More]

Tales from the Sea of Thieves Review

Titan Books has just published a new video game inspired book titled Tales from the Sea of Thieves, featuring the perspective of three pirates who roam the wide ocean and encounter mermaids, treasure, and some darkly dangerous foes. Through their perspective, we find the humor that can be found in Sea of Thieves along with some interesting material pertaining to the game that would benefit any pla...[Read More]

Tomb Raider: The Art and Making of the Film

From Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Tomb Raider follows the treacherous journey of a young Lara Croft as she takes her first steps toward becoming a global hero.  Academy Award™ winner Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) stars in the lead role, under the direction of Roar Uthaug (The Wave).  Showcasing lavish concept art, behind the scenes photos, insight into th...[Read More]

Tomb Raider: The Art and Making of the Film Review

Titan Books has just published their latest art book, featuring the new Tomb Raider movie. This book, Tomb Raider: The Art and Making of the Film, shows all the meticulous planning and styles that went into this iconic movie based on the newest game franchise of Tomb Raider. Put together by Sharon Gosling with the help of the director, Roar Uthaug, and the producer, Graham King, Tomb Raider: The A...[Read More]

Okja: The Art and Making of the Film

Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend – a fascinating animal named Okja. This is the official art book to celebrate the beautiful new movie from director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) and Netflix. Featuring exclusive interviews with the director, Tilda Swinton, and key crew members, combined with concept ar...[Read More]