Bungie Splits with Activision; Bungie Retains Destiny

Bungie, the developers behind the Destiny games, has split with Activision after an eight-year partnership. This massive split will leave the Destiny games fully under the control of Bungie, who will self-publish the games.

‘Destiny 2’ Set To Be Free on PC

It’s Destiny 2’s one year anniversary on Blizzard’s Battle.net service. To celebrate, Bungie is allowing PC players a chance to own their latest game completely free.

The Update for Destiny 2 is Bringing Back Bounties and More

Update 1.2.3 for Destiny 2 is coming next Tuesday, July 23rd. With this update comes bounties for the Heroic Strike Playlist. Be prepared though, some changes are being made to how bounties are grabbed. The playability for Heroic Strikes are getting some changes too.

A Look at the Destiny 2 Supers and Subclasses in Forsaken

Forsaken will bring Destiny 2 many changes, including the arrival of nine new supers. On September 4, 2018, players will have the ability to choose the subclass the like the most, along with choosing which super best fits their individual play-style.

Watch: Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Trailer

Revealed during the PlayStation E3 showcase, Bungie gave out new details on the upcoming Year 2 Destiny 2 story expansion, Forsaken.

Bungie Announces Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie has made an official announcement on the newest expansion for Destiny 2. The new expansion, titled Forsaken will add new features including a new campaign, new abilities to use, and new areas to explore.

Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Year 2 Livestream

Bungie has just announced they will take part in a livestream on Tuesday June 5th to talk about Destiny 2’s second year ambitions, and how they worked out the first year on the popular game.

Bungie Fixing Recent Destiny 2 Update

After the new update Warmind was released for Destiny 2, Bungie has announced their plans to fix the problems that this update has been having. Along with this announcement, Bungie has provided of the various glitches they intend on fix this coming Tuesday.

Watch: Destiny 2 Expansion II Warmind Launch Trailer

Bungie has just released a new trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion called Warmind. This launch trailer, just a day ahead of the official launch of Warmind shows how the expansion will change the game.

Bungie Releases Warmind Comic, Featuring Story Lines!

Bungie has released a new comic for Destiny 2, and this time it’s all surrounding their upcoming expansion DLC Warmind. New details on the heroine Ana Bray are revealed, including her chubby Ghost. Read it here!

New Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Map

Everyone’s excited to see the new Destiny 2 Warmind expansion in May, and on Reddit an image of the map for the expansion has been posted! Check it out here and get hyped!

Destiny 2 Reveals Upcoming Season Three Expansion!

Bungie has just announced that Destiny 2 will be launching the new season three expansion Warmind next month, tentatively on May 8th. This was shown a few hours ago via their development roadmap so everyone can mark their dates!