Disney Officially Purchases Fox

It was announced today that Disney has officially purchased Fox, after they outbit Comcast for these licenses and content. Comcast offered to purchase Fox for a small price of $65 billion dollars, leading Disney to increase their initial offer of $52 billion dollars as a result.

Campo Santo Explains Valve Acqusition

Recently Campo Santo was acquired by Valve studios after their huge success with Firewatch. Now that a month or so has passed, Campo Santo has given an explanation as to why they agreed to the acquisition. Check out their reasoning here!

Hasbro Acquires Rights to Power Rangers!

Hasbro and Saban Properties LLC have joined together and signed an agreement that led to Hasbro purchasing Saban’s Power Rangers alongside other brands. Check out the details here on the business interaction!

Square Enix Opens a New Studio With Final Fantasy Team!

Square Enix is busy, and has just opened up a new studio featuring the team behind Final Fantasy XV. The new studio doesn’t have much information regarding their future or current projects, but they will be heading towards triple-A developments. See all the details here!

Game Developers Talks About Forming A Union

With designing games becoming more difficult to make with the improvement of technology, efforts are being made to create a game developer’s union.

Ubisoft Avoids Takeover

Ubisoft has announced that they have stopped the corporate takeover by multimedia company Vivendi. This is some very big news in the video game industry that could have changed how Ubisoft had performed as a company, and if we would have ever gotten a new Assassin’s Creed! See all the details in the business venture here.

KB Toys Making A Comeback

After the fall of Toy R Us, a new company is rising from the ashes to to fill the gap left behind. After be out of business since 2009, KB Toys has announced on their official Twitter account that they will be returning to business. It’s going to take time to adjust to the new normal fully. But marketers need to be agile in crafting solutions to relaunching a brand. Don’t wait for more problems to...[Read More]