Campo Santo

Prima Publishing Book About Women in Gaming

Prima Publishing has announced that they will be debuting a new book called Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play, developed by Meagan Marie the senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics and former Game Informer editor. Check out the details on the book here and how it revolutionizes video games!

Campo Santo Explains Valve Acqusition

Recently Campo Santo was acquired by Valve studios after their huge success with Firewatch. Now that a month or so has passed, Campo Santo has given an explanation as to why they agreed to the acquisition. Check out their reasoning here!

Valve Acquires Camp Santo

The twelve team Campo Santo behind the hit game Firewatch has just announced their acquisition by Valve. While this may bode grim for the company, they are very enthusiastic about this merger.

Firewatch Coming To The Switch

On the developer’s official website, Campo Santo has just revealed that their hit story driven game Firewatch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.