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Marvel Battle Lines [Press Release]

In the early 2000’s, Marvel was merely a comic juggernaut. in 2008, they became one of the biggest movie studios in the world. One thing that has remained constant is Marvel’s constant presence in the world of video games. Be it with their widely popular Marvel Vs Capcom series, any number of Spider-Man games, or their more recent foray into mobile gaming with Contest of Champions, Str...[Read More]

Drunks and Dragons Create Kickstarter for Card Game

The Drunks and Dragons podcast crew created a Kickstarter for their new co-operative drinking card game Drinks and Daggers. Carmic Industries based their game in the entertaining world from their now infamous podcast.  In a rapid 3.5 hours, the Drunks and Dragons team hit their target and are now at 208% of their $25,000 goal.

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2019 – Planeswalkers

Wizards of the Coast is bringing back core sets! Core Set 2019 will be releasing next month and boasts a ton of amazing cards that players should be looking forward too!

Teaming Up for Battlebond – Magic: The Gathering

Prepare for a brand new set of Magic: The Gathering cards on June, 8 2018. The new set, Battlebond, is filled with brand new cards, cards from previous sets, and brand new game mechanics.  This will provide a variety of fun and exciting interactions among friends and on the battlefield.