Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Goes Live

Stardew Valley, the highly acclaimed farming game from Chucklefish, has released their big multiplayer update for computers. Now up to four friends can hang together on the same farm and enjoy some relaxing farming together.

Stardew Valley Launches on PS Vita This Month!

Stardew Valley will be making its first appearance on the PlayStation Vita later this month, and is cross-buy for both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita!

Stardew Valley Launches Beta Multiplayer

Chucklefish has announced the official beta for the Stardew Valley multiplayer implementation. Fans have been excited over this development since it was announced the previous year, and are finally getting a chance to test it out!

Watch: Eastward Announcement Trailer

Chucklefish and Pixpil have developed a new game called Eastward, a new pixel art video game with RPG and puzzle solving like aspects. Watch the trailer and announcement here!

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer May Be Closer Than We Thought

Everyone has loved Stardew Valley for the relaxing farming and ranching experience that Farmville could never give us. Finally, we have some updated word on the multiplayer, and ConcernedApe has announced it may be closer than we had originally anticipated.

New Chucklefish Wizard Game called ‘Witchbrook’

Chucklefish, you probably know from Stardew Valley and Starbound have just released the official title for their upcoming wizardry school game called Witchbrook. This comes after many hints of the game, and it originally being titled Spellbound.

Chucklefish Introduces New Game: Pathway

Makers of Stardew Valley and Pocket Rumble, publisher Chucklefish is teaming up with development team Robotality to announce their new game Pathway,after reviewing the slotsbaby they were left with such high expections for this new game coming up