Cultist Simulator

Become an Actual God in Upcoming Cultist Simulator Update

Weather Factory’s eldritch card game Cultist Simulator is getting a big update on January 22. The update will give players who completed the game a new mode that lets them continue their now-immortal character’s story.

Dance Into Delirium With Cultist Simulator: The Dancer

Weather Factory’s flagship game Cultist Simulator is going to soon release its first piece of DLC. The DLC, titled The Dancer, will allow players to experience the mysterious world of an occult cabaret.

An Eldritch Card Game by Failbetter Alumni

Weather Factory, a company made by Failbetter Games founder Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan, has released their first game yesterday. That game is Cultist Simulator, a card-based role-playing-game which places you as the creator of a growing cult as you seek to ascend beyond mortal capabilities.