Dark Phoenix

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga Prose Novel

PILOTING A DOOMED SHUTTLE THROUGH A MASSIVE SOLAR FLARE, JEAN GREY SACRIFICES HER LIFE TO SAVE THE X-MEN. THEN A MIRACLE OCCURS—AND SHE IS REBORN! True to its namesake, the Phoenix rises, and Jean becomes one of the universe’s most powerful entities. But when she and the X-Men launch an assault against the clandestine organization known as the Hellfire Club, she is manipulated into betraying he...[Read More]

Dark Phoenix: New Trailer Reveals [Spoiler]’s Possible Demise

In the latest trailer for what is most likely Fox’s last X-Men film, the world of the mutants is turned upside down and yet another wrinkle is thrown into the already mutilated X-men time-line. We present to you Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix: First Trailer Finally Arrives

The first trailer for FOX’s potential last X-Men film, Dark Phoenix is finally here and you can check it out above.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer to debut tonight

After months of delays, reshoots, and speculation of cancelation, the first trailer for what could be the final film in Fox’s X-Men franchise is set to debut tonight.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Show New Movie Outfits

From the set of the next X-Men movie Dark Phoenix, photos have been released showing the amazing X-Men in their new costumes. Check them out here!