Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 11 Premiere Date Released

The BBC have finally revealed Doctor Who series 11 premiere date. In typical BBC fashion, they released a small teaser announcement of the premiere date as October 7, 2018. American audiences were given a larger teaser featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in a colorful if not explosive video.

Doctor Who Joins Star Wars Cast

Rumor has it that Doctor Who and The Crown star, Matt Smith will join the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX.  Sci-Fi fanboys and fangirls alike can squee in delight as the 11th Doctor will play a key role in the next movie.

New Doctor Who Series Trailer Revealed at SDDC

BBC America gave Whovians another delightful treat, a brand-new Doctor Who series trailer at the San Diego Comic Con. Unlike the purely mysterious trailer that its UK parent company, BBC, this one gives fans a delightful treat to the eye and a few more peeks at our brand new 13th Doctor.

A Closer Look at the New Doctor Who Trailer

The time finally arrived for the new Doctor Who trailer. Whovians across the world have been awaiting another glimpse of their favorite timelord. As promised on Friday, the BBC aired (and posted online) during the FIFA World cup finals the new teaser trailer featuring mostly the new Team TARDIS.

Sneak Peek Doctor Who Season 11

The BBC has released a teaser for the upcoming official Doctor Who trailer, airing this Sunday, July 15, 2018, after the World Cup Final. That’s right, a trailer for a trailer. Fans are still clamoring for however a brief glimpse of the newly regenerated timelord.

BBC Reveals New Doctor Who Toys

In preparation for the San Diego Comic-Con, the BBC has revealed several new Doctor Who toys featuring Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. The new items come from several well-known geeky and nerdy toymakers such as Funko, Titan, Her Universe, and Character Options all to be displayed at next week’s SDDC.

Dr. Who: The Best Moments of Amy and Rory Pond

As companions to the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams saw their relationship grow with each adventure they went on. From getting lost in time and space to fighting off alien vampires, Rory and Amy can survive anything as we’ve seen in Dr. Who in all this time.

Doctor Who is Coming to San Diego Comic Con 2018

Whovians across the globe gasped out loud as Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regenerated into Jodie Whittaker. For the first time in the Doctor Who history, the title character will be played by a female.  As typical of most regenerations, the fans don’t get to see much of our new Doctor until the new season starts. Our last peek of the beloved timelord (timelady?) is seeing her plummeting to the ground fa...[Read More]

Entire New Doctor Who Comes to BBC iPlayer

As you may know, US fans are being treated to a marathon of 500 classic episodes of our beloved Timelord on Twitch. Fortunately for United Kingdom Whovians, they get their own marathon of Doctor Who. The BBC has decided to air the entire New Doctor Who (NuWho) series, starting with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor up to Peter Capaldi’s last episode.

Doctor Who Now Playing on Twitch

Attention all Whovians and future Whovians! Unless you live under a rock, you’re certainly aware of the gift that Twitch has bestowed upon the worthy, 500 episodes of classic Doctor Who. BBC, in their marketing genius, decided to bring classic Who to lead up to the arrival of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Come Along Now, Ponds: Why Amy and Rory Will Always Be the Best Love Story

It’s been eight years since the Eleventh Doctor brought the Ponds into our lives, and it’s been five even longer and depressive years since they left us. So, if you’re missing Amy and Rory as much as I am, here are 6 times they showed us what true love looks like.