Farming Simulator Sows the Seeds of an eSports League

If you thought eSports was only for games that involve shooting and fighting, you’re in for a surprise. Developer Giants Studio has taken its first steps into making the Farming Simulator League a reality.

eSports Team Dissolved After Player Caught Cheating Live

In a story first reported by Dot eSports, OpTic Gaming has dissolved their India-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The news comes following an incident where one of the team’s members was caught cheating during a tournament.

Puyo Puyo is Getting an Official eSports Version

Sega’s long-running primarily Japanese puzzle game series Puyo Puyo is getting a special version of the game next month. Titled Puyo Puyo eSports, this version is designed for use in eSports and other competitive events.

Proposed South Korea Bill Targets Harassment in Online Games

South Korea, the worldwide leader in eSports, is considering a bill that could curtail sexual harassment in online games. Proposed by National Assembly Women’s and Family Committee secretary Kim Sumin, this bill could make online sexual harassment a crime punishable in court.

Jacksonville Mass Shooting Leaves Three Dead at Madden Tournament

A Madden ’19 tournament taking place at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida, took a tragic turn when a shooter opened fire yesterday. Three people are dead, including the shooter, and about 11 people have been injured.

Overwatch Comes to ESPN

Incredibly, Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment’s big team player first-person shooter is now on ESPN, Disney and ABC family of networks. The popular team arena game is finally in the big leagues. No longer just a geek or nerd’s entertainment, but now a fully legitimized and televised e-sport. Since its release in May 2016, Overwatch has been wildly popular with an estimated 40 million registered pl...[Read More]

Crescent Esports: A look into the Gamer Group

Its a good day when you can interview the CEO of an Esports group. I was able to speak with Lumen Vera, CEO of Crescent Esports LLC, discussing the growing success of his group and the passion behind the groups’ gamers. What does your company promote? Crescent Esports is a national e-sports organizations based out of Louisiana, our mission is to enrich the e-sports industry with the spice of...[Read More]

Fortnite Getting Jetpack

As of today, players will get to soar into the sky with the recent addition of jet-packs into Fortnite. After being teased back in March, the addition was delayed due to some last minutes design issues. Player will gain access to the jet-packs after downloading the 4.2 content update.

New Details For Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum

Para Bellum, a Latin phrase that translates into “prepare for war.” It is an appropriate title for Ubisoft’s next expansion for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Revealed during a recent streaming event, the developers showed off the new Villa map that would be included in the expansion. Along with this new map, two new operators were revealed with a trailer dedicated for eac...[Read More]

Supreme Court Decision Could Lead to Legal eSports Gambling

A 6-3 decision in the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a law preventing gambling on sports events. This ruling ends a six-year legal battle over the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. ESPN reports that this will allow legal sports betting in any states that wants to offer it. However, this could also have an impact on the eSports industry. Gambling over the years...[Read More]

South Korean Overwatch Hackers Sentenced

Watching over Overwatch Earlier this week, fifteen arrests were made on Chinese hackers who created and distributed hacking software for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Today, a similar case in Overwatch has resulted in two South Korean hackers out of thirteen arrests receiving sentencing.