G.S. Denning

Warlock Holmes – The Sign of Nine

Warlock Holmes may have demons in his head, but now Dr. John Watson has a mummy in his bloodstream. Specifically that of the sorcerer Xantharaxes, who when shredded and dissolved in an 8% solution, results in some extremely odd but useful prophetic dreams. There’s also the small matter of Watson falling for yet another damsel-du-jour, and Warlock deciding that his companion needs some domestic bli...[Read More]

Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual

As they blunder towards doom, Warlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson find themselves inconvenienced by a variety of eldritch beings. Christmas brings a goose that doesn’t let being cooked slow it down; they meet an electricity demon, discover why being a redhead is even tricker than one might imagine, and Holmes attempts an Irish accent. And, naturally, Moriarty is hanging around… in some form or othe...[Read More]

Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual Review

Warlock Holmes has become one of the most enthralling series I have ever read, and diving into number three, My Grave Ritual proved to be no different. G.S. Denning has re-created the feeling of classic Sherlock Holmes mixed with comedic situations and supernatural elements involving demons, binding charms, vampires, and trolls. After reading Warlock Holmes, Elementary and Sherlock will never be t...[Read More]