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Moonlighter Review

Moonlighter is one of the cutest action RPGs that I’ve seen in a long time. The game reminds me heavily of Harvest Moon, Legend of Zelda, and other games that require you to not only manage a shop or town, but also withstand and hold your ground in a dungeon of baddies.

Juicy Realm Review

Juicy Realm.  What a cute name for an adorable game, right?  And this is definitely an adorable game.  I mean, I love dungeon crawls but I really didn’t know what I was in for when I started playing.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! 

Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm is a roguelike game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits all across the world. The line between the animal and the plant world has become blurred, and the food chain has been completely disrupted.

Prime Mover

Prime Mover is an open-ended puzzle game about designing circuit boards. Work your way from transistor to processor, uncover the story of the Byte of Burden!

Prime Mover Review

First look into the game Prime Mover: Prime Mover is a 4Bit open-ended puzzle game that uses only the mouse of your computer to play the game, the player can design circuit boards, build, test and improve. “In this open-ended puzzle game, you build circuit boards to solve a wide variety of logic and computer science inspired problems. Compare the speed and efficiency of your unique solutions...[Read More]

Murderous Pursuits Review

Blazing Griffin, the masterminds behind the cult classic The Ship have brought us a rather devious treat called Murderous Pursuits. Murderous Pursuits follows in the footsteps of their previous game The Ship in the stealth multiplayer genre. It brings a lot of flavor and over the top fun to the genre but does it have enough flavor to re-spark the dying genre? Scroll down to find out.

Conan Exiles Review

Funcom’s open world survival RPG has just smashed it’s way out of Early Access on May 8th, brutality assaulting it’s competition making a name for itself. The question will the assault succeed? Scroll down to find out. For those that want to get down to the points about the positives and negatives about the game scroll down to the section breakdown.

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