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Wonderland: An Anthology Review

Titan Books has just published a new anthology all about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Featured in Wonderland: An Anthology are 18 authors who wrote short stories about their take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While some may fill the classic fantasy theme, others delve into historical and darker topics.

Dark Souls Year 1: Omnibus, The Breath of Andolus #1-4

Set in a land where abandoned survivors, dragons, monsters, traitors, and the dead fight to claim what little is left of the world, the fate of what could be is in the hands of one heroine. Plagued with a curse that distorts her memories, Fira must trust her instincts if she wants to save her land-and stay alive. Based on the best-selling PC and console games, Dark Souls Year 1: Omnibus, The Breat...[Read More]