Pravette Ergonomic Footrest [Product Review]

Pravette has a new ergonomic footrest designed for both travel and under-desk usage. Though this hammock footrest is considerably comfortable, it also provides a few health benefits that could be good!

Pedicura Toe Separators [Product Review]

Pedicura has created a new type of toe separator that is much different from the typical pedicure kind we’ve seen before!

Video Game Industry Protests ‘Gaming Disorder’ Classification

Last December, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed that ‘Gaming Disorder’ be added as an addictive behavior to the ICD-11, the newest version of the International Classification of Diseases. A non-finalized version came out yesterday, and contains a concrete definition of the disorder. Many in the industry, however, are pushing back against the addition.

Correcting Poor Posture from Gaming

A big problem happening in today’s world is the lack of posture from not only looking down at phones, but by playing video games on the PC and consoles. Even though you might not know it’s happening, the less we move around and use our muscles the more sedentary they become. While you could connect your Pc to the 1440p 144hz monitors and sit back with a wireless controller to fix your ...[Read More]