Humble Book Bundle

New Humble Comic Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons

Humble Books has another comic book bundle available. This time it features comics from Dungeons and Dragons, thanks to IDW!

Humble Book Bundle: Brain Wave by Open Road Media Live!

Humble has a new book Bundle featuring science and nonfiction books thanks to Open Road Media! Expand your knowledge with this books, and learn about science!

Humble Summer Reading List Book Bundle by BOOM! Studios Live

Humble Bundle has a new summer reading book bundle here featuring comic books thanks to BOOM! Studios! Lumberjanes, Misfit City, and many more are available here!

Humble Web Design and Development Book Bundle!

Humble Bundle just launched a new book set featuring web design and development books thanks to O’Reilly Media! Brush up on your CSS, JavaScript, and Mobile App Dev work here!

Humble Launches Cosplay 2.0 Bundle!

Humble just launched a new book bundle featuring cosplay tricks and guides to get the best costume!

Humble Brings Super Nebula Author Showcase Bundle!

Humble Bundle is welcoming in a new eBook bundle featuring Super Nebula Author Showcase, tons of Sci-Fi books presented by SFWA.

Humble Bundle Brings DevOps Books!

Humble Bundle is introducing a new book bundle featuring DevOps learning eBooks by Packt. Check out the new skills you can learn here!

Humble Book Bundle: Pop Culture Survival Guide Live!

Humble Bundle has just launched a new book bundle called the Pop Culture Survival Guide, by Quirk Books. From Billy Murray to Christopher Walken, you can get prepared for all your pop culture needs here.

Humble Book and Audiobook Bundle Featuring Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Humble has just revealed a new book bundle featuring classic science fiction and fantasy eBooks and audiobooks. From the Black Unicorn to Letters from Atlantis this new bundle has plenty to read and listen to!

Get Musical With the New Humble Book Bundle: Learn to Play Music

Humble Bundle has just debuted a new bundle featuring books on learning to play music by Wiley. With an MSRP of over $515 in eBooks, this bundle will give you the musical talents over a span of instruments. See about it, and get it here!

Humble Book Bundle Takes You On Vacation!

Humble Bundle is presenting a new Plan Your Vacation bundle by Lonely Planet. Check out some books from around the world, showing new cultures and languages here. After all, summer is upon us!