THQ Nordic Acquires Kingdoms of Amalur IP

THQ Nordic has announced in a press release that they have acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur IP from 38 Studios. This could potentially lead to a remaster, as well as the release of the unfinished MMORPG code-named ‘Copernicus’.

Rare Expresses Interest in Other Studios Using Their IPs

Craig Duncan, the studio head of Rare, expressed interest in other studios working with their intellectual properties (IPs) in a recent IGN interview. This means that franchises like Banjo and Kazooie, Killer Instinct, and Conker could be the target of future collaborations.

Nintendo Announces New RPG IP Dragalia Lost for Mobile

Nintendo’s First New Mobile IP Nintendo has another mobile game coming down the pipes. This time, however, it will be their first new mobile intellectual property (IP.)