Justice League

Hispanic Super Hero Featured In Upcoming ‘Blue Beetle’ Film

DC and Warner Bros. have announced that the film adaptation of Blue Beetle is in the works. This will be the first time a Hispanic superhero is featured in a film.

First Official Poster for Aquaman

The trailer for DC’s Aquaman will be debuting at Comic-Con this week, and fans of the DC Universe as well as the classics superhero Aquaman cannot wait to see what is sure to be a vast expanse of breathtaking underwater scenery.

DC Wisely Focusing on Standalone Movies

After less than stellar box office sales and panned reviews by audiences and critics alike for Justice League, DC has wisely decided to focus on standalone superhero stories for the foreseeable future. This tidbit of rumor mill comes from Daniel R on Twitter, who is well known to be a reliable source of DC movie news.

Faith Gives Plus-Size Fans Superhero Hope

With the latest attempts at diversity within the superhero universe being a big success with movies like Black Panther (which broke all sorts of box office records) Sony Pictures has decided to be even more inclusive by adapting the plus-size heroine, Faith Herbert into a live-action movie. While the movie schedule is just in the planning stages, Sony has hired Maria Melnik of American Gods fame t...[Read More]

Teen Titans Go Movie Posters On Scene

The film adaptation of the popular children’s cartoon Teen Titans Go is set to hit theaters on July 27th. The release of the film is just around the corner, and that means movie posters have been created to promote the film.

Wonder Woman 2 to Film in the US!

After Wonder Woman was such a big hit in theaters and kicked off her origin story, DC Entertainment is getting ready to do the Wonder Woman 2 movie! Director Patty Jenkins will take the role again, and film it in the US.