Australian Parliament Seeks ‘Comprehensive Review’ of Loot Boxes

A 90-page report released this Tuesday by the Australian Senate Environment and Communications References Committee calls for the Australian government to pursue a “comprehensive review of loot boxes in video games”. The report is the result of a months-long investigation that started back in June 2018.

Clicker Heroes 2 Becomes A Steam Bestseller by Ditching Microtransactions

Late last year, Playsaurus announced that they would be making a sequel to their free-to-play Clicker Heroes. Clicker Heroes 2 has now released on Early Access a few days ago, and it’s already in the middle of Steam’s top 100.

Shadow of War Officially Removes Microtransactions

Back in April, Warner Bros. announced that they would remove microtransactions from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Yesterday, a major patch was rolled out that made their removal official.

Battlefield V Will Forego Microtransactions

Soon after revealing the next entry in the series, EA DICE has announced that the upcoming Battlefield V will not be including micro-transactions such as a Premium Pass or loot crates. Although the game may have cosmetic items that player can purchase, anything that would effect game-play will be obtain solely through play.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Removes Microtransactions

Monolith has finally put out the free update for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that removes all use if microtransactions within the game. Players will no longer be able to buy Gold with real money.

Animal Crossing Adds Loot Boxes

The recent update to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had added a feature that adds an element of controversy into the game. Nintendo is implementing loot boxes to this mobile game. See the details here.

Shadow of War Officially Removing All Lootboxes and Microtranscations

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War developer, Monolith, has just announced that they will be stripping the entire game of all lootboxes and microtransactions. There’s a ton of explanation and details regarding this removal, and we have them all for you here!

A Change In Far Cry 5’s Mircotransaction System

In contrast to early statements about the game, Far Cry 5 will include microtransactions for items besides cosmetics. This comes after Star Wars Battlefront II decides to include microtransactions for cosmetics only!