Midsommar Full Trailer is Full Thriller

“Midsommar” is the latest and greatest chaos from Ari Aster. You might recognize his name from “Hereditary”, last year’s successful thriller starring Toni Collette. But whether you know his name or previous work is neither here or there. What matters is “Midsommar”, creepily summarized as:

A WIZARD OF OZ FOR PERVERTS: How Ari Aster Describes His Latest Film, Midsommar

Ari Aster. You know his name because of Hereditary. And based on his own words, you think you know what to expect in his latest work of brilliance. Unfortunately, if you believe this, then you’re a step too far into delusional. And if you’re assuming the trailer will clarify these strange arrangement of words, I’ll wait.  Go ahead and watch it here: