Minecraft: Dungeons Announced at Minecon Earth

During the Minecon Earth livesteam last Saturday, Mojang unveiled a new game set in the Minecraft universe. Titled Minecraft: Dungeons, the new game is a dungeon crawler expected to release sometime in 2019.

MINECON Earth is Back and its Time to Party!

One of the most famous conventions is back once again. MINECON 2018 returns September 29th and the party is going to be global!

Minecraftian’s Are Saving The Ocean!

In celebration of Minecraft’s Update Aquatic release to several versions of the game, they have paired themselves with The Nature Conservancy to help restore the diminishing coral reefs in our oceans!

Mojang’s Scrolls Returns as Caller’s Bane

Mojang’s collectible card game Scrolls pulled the plug on their servers earlier this year in February. Mojang hoped to release the game to the public in a way that supported user-run servers, and they’ve done just that. Sporting a new name, Caller’s Bane is now available to the public.

Buildcon 2018 Is Here!

Since 2009, Minecraft has provided the world with hours upon hours of fun; from a player’s first diamond to their massively constructed castle stormed by a life-sized fire breathing dragon! Now, its the players’ turn to show the creators what their made of at Buildcon 2018!

Minecraft Just Announced 1.13 Pre-Release!

Complete with a new title screen and music, announced the pre-release of ‘The Update Aquatic’!

Minecraft 1.13: New Items and Abilities

While the 1.13 Minecraft update has a lot to offer in the way of new mobs, the new items and abilities it presents allows for well-rounded game play and fun new adventures!

Minecraft Mobs 1.13: ‘The Update Aquatic’

Everyone in Minecraftia is buzzing about the new 1.13 and it seems like the Update has quite a lot to offer; from fish to Phantoms!  The new mobs are here and they’re definitely something to splash about!