Sony Announces Best of E3 Sale on Games & Movies

Now that E3 is officially wrapping up, Sony has just announced their huge Best of E3 sale for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita games, alongside some movies. Sale is anticipated to end on Monday June 18th at 8 AM Pacific Time.

Everything Being Added and Removed on Netflix June 2018

Netflix is really good about bringing the newest TV shows and movies to the streaming platform, and they do this by removing and adding new content. Check out what will be purged and added for next month, June 2018!

Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Internet: Memes of Betrayal

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War hit the theaters, the internet has taken over and given us a much-needed gift: memes. Memes Gamora-I mean, galore. If you haven’t seen these memes yet, you might be living under a rock. And if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, stop reading, go find a rock to sit under, and re-evaluate your life. Also, spoilers.

Everything Amazon is Adding in June for TV Shows and Movies

Amazon has many platforms available for streaming including Prime Video and Prime Video Channels, and we have the details on everything being added to those platforms for June! Check out the new TV shows and movies available here.

IT Sequel ‘Chapter 2’ Being Cast

Fans of all things horror will be glad to know that casting for the sequel to Stephen King’s IT is underway! Just recently some casting has been made for this sequel, including an adult version of Eddie. If you were never lucky enough to have seen the 2017 film or the original movie that inspired Pennywise’s return to the big screen,the plot can be summed up like this: a group of misfi...[Read More]

Island Zero Review

Released in select theaters May 2018, Island Zero is the first feature film ever produced by Donkey Universe Films.  And I have to say, they have done a spectacular job.

The Nursery

When a damaged college sophomore babysits for a family with a tragic past, she finds herself stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past. Soon, she and her friends must confront the angry spirit hunting them down one-by-one on a deliberate march toward its ultimate prey.

Monochrome Review

Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a sucker for serial killers.  I find them absolutely fascinating. But to be truthful, I’ve always found myself rooting for the villain in, well, pretty much everything. They’re just so much more interesting than the heroes!  Electric Flix’s Monochrome, released in the U.S. on March 3, 2017, allowed me indulge this darker side of my personality, albeit in a different way tha...[Read More]

Entertainment Industry Vets Team Up with Queensbury Pictures

Queensbury Pictures is promising a new impressive collection of unique and engaging films and TV shows,  which will be released into the ever-changing market of entertainment.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline Review

Day of the Dead Bloodline: The Virus Continues The virus has returned and the flesh-eating has commenced. Is this next chapter in the line of zombie films up to par?

American Pavilion Festival Schedule Released

The American Pavilion will be celebrating its 30th year of international hospitality with the Cannes International Film Festival. See the full press release alongside the lineup here.

Third Installment of the Annabelle Franchise Coming Soon

You heard right The Conjuring franchise is adding another horror movie to whatever growing franchise waiting for release in just a few short months The third film about  Annabelle the demon-possessed doll, will be hitting theaters in Summer of 2019. The demon possessed doll we all know and love will be joined by some of the other recurring characters