Golden Week Sale Hits PlayStation Store

Sony is getting in on the Golden Week sale on the PlayStation store, giving sale prices of up to 60% off on Japanese inspired video games and movies! Check out the full lineup here!

Everything Being Added and Removed on Netflix May 2018

Netflix is really good about bringing the newest TV shows and movies to the streaming platform, and they do this by removing and adding new content. Check out what will be purged and added for next month, May 2018!

Everything the Starz App is Removing and Adding in May!

The Starz App is notorious for having the latest movies and TV shows, and we’ve got a list of everything they’re removing and adding in May 2018! See if your favorites are here!

Everything Amazon is Adding in May for TV Shows and Movies

Amazon has many platforms available for streaming including Prime Video and Prime Video Channels, and we have the details on everything being added to those platforms for May! Check out the new TV shows and movies available here.

Disney Gives Release For Toy Story 4

In a recent Facebook, Disney and Pixar Animation has official given a release date for Toy Story 4. This comes after the saddening end of Toy Story 3 that ripped the hearts out of many fans. See the details here!

New Captain Marvel Details Revealed

After DeWanda Wise had to leave the cast of Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts with her Netflix series, her replacement Lashana Lynch has been seen in costume for her role in the upcoming Marvel franchise movie, Captain Marvel. Check out the photos here!

Watch: Daphne And Velma Spin-Off Trailer!

As a new entry in the Scooby-Doo series, the girls of the gang are getting their own live-action movie titled Daphne And Velma. We’ve got all the details here on the upcoming Scooby-Doo movie!

New X-Men Movies Getting Pushed Back

The next two movies in the X-Men series, Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, are being pushed back to a later date. Earlier today 20th Century Fox had announced that several of their movies would be release on a later date than their original release.

Everything Starz is Adding in April 2018

The Starz App is notorious for having new movies and TV shows, and we have a list of all the upcoming additions to the app for April 2018! Check here to see everything that’s being removed and added.

Watch: Deadpool 2 Trailer

Deadpool 2 is fast upon us, and 20th Century Fox has just released the latest trailer showing the antics that the man in red will be getting up to. Watch it here!

Everything Coming and Going on Netflix April 2018

We’ve got everything that Netflix will be adding and removing for April 2018, including TV shows and movies. Check out the list here!

Next Chapter In The Indiana Jones Series Set for 2019

Director Steven Spielberg has just revealed at the Empire Awards that the next Indiana Jones movies is will begin film next year. This comes after a big hiatus from the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.