Firewatch Coming To The Switch

On the developer’s official website, Campo Santo has just revealed that their hit story driven game Firewatch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

LEGO Incredibles Has a Release Date!

Traveler’s Tales Games’s is bringing us the LEGO Incredibles this summer, and we finally have an official release date for the upcoming game in the LEGO franchise! Check out the date here along with the reveal trailer!

Nintendo Eshop Adding New Games

The Nintendo Switch Eshop has just added 12 new games in its line, along with some DLC for Pokken Tournament DX. Some of the more notable includes Attack On Titan 2 which has been given several good reviews, and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. Check out the full list of games here!

Banjo & Kazooie Could Be in the Next Super Smash Bros!

We all know that the Nintendo Switch will be getting a new Super Smash Bros. video game later this year, but the hype is real now that Xbox is willing to let the famous Banjo & Kazooie from the original Nintendo games into the mix.

ARK: Survival Evolved Is Coming To The Switch

With ARK: Survival Evolved being ported to so many consoles lately, include mobile devices, Nintendo is getting into the dinosaur action. Developer Studio Wildcard has just announced that their game is going to be ported over to the Switch by the end of the year.

Nintendo Indie Showcase Release Dates

Yesterday, Nintendo showcased a series on indie games planned for release over the course of summer 2018. As of right now, we have a list of games are set to be released on the Switch. Check out all the Nindies showcased here and when you can get your hands on them!

The Incredibles Coming In LEGO Form

With the long-awaited sequel to the hit Pixar movie The Incredibles coming this June, Disney has decided to bring the superhero family to the world of LEGOs. This means, we can expect The Incredibles to make a LEGO video game appearance.

Nintendo Indie Showcase Coming Soon

Nintendo has announced that will be doing a Spring showcasing for several upcoming indie games for the Switch. Check out some of the details here along with the date!

Bomberman R Making An Explosive Entrance On More Consoles

Konami has announced that their game Super Bomberman R will be making the leap from the Nintendo Switch to other consoles. This coming June, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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