Paradox Interactive

Crusader Kings II Holy Fury Lets You Play As Animals

Holy Fury, the latest expansion to the long running grand strategy game Crusader Kings II, brings a lot to the table. However, possibly its greatest feature is a hidden easter egg that lets you play with kingdoms of animals.

Surviving Mars Unveils First Expansion Pack

The sci-fi colony-building game Surviving Mars is receiving its first expansion pack. The expansion pack, Space Race, adds AI-controlled rival colonies that will compete with the player for dominion over the red planet.

Stellaris is Coming to Consoles

Parodox Interactive’s sci-fi 4X grand strategy game Stellaris will soon be braving a new frontier. With the help of Tantalus Media, the game will be seeing an official release onto consoles sometime in the future.

Europa Universalis IV Goes to India in Dharma Expansion

Europa Universalis 4, another one of Paradox’s long-running 4X games, is going to India with their newest expansion. Titled ‘Dharma,’ this new expansion reworks the Indian provinces and is based off of the conflict between Indian ruling classes and encroaching European powers.

Paradox Interactive Reveals Imperator: Rome

The studio Paradox Interactive have announced their return to their favorite historical setting with upcoming game Imperator: Rome. 

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Revealed

As part Paradox Interactive’s PDX Con, developer Triumph Studios has announced their next upcoming game, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall. As part of a series of RTS games, Planetfall is the fourth entry and deviates from series’s fantasy setting in favor of a more Sci-Fi theme.