Peter Milligan

Titan Comics’ The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine #2 Review

Agent Breen is back in Titan Comics’ second (and newest) issue of The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine!  Continuing the tale of Agent Breen after being abducted by agents from the Village, Issue #2 was released on May 23, 2018.

Titan Comic’s Dan Dare: He Who Dares Vol. 1 Review

Most science fiction fans will have heard of Dan Dare at some point over the years.  In fact, he’s been a favorite ever since his first appearance in Eagle, a British children’s comics magazine, in April 1950. Over the years, he’s been reinvented several times, the latest incarnation being a 4-issue series by Titan Comics in 2017.  This collection was recently re-released in a single volume on Apr...[Read More]

Titan Comics’ Dan Dare

One of science fiction’s most famous characters, DAN DARE – pilot of the future, is back for a brand new adventure and facing his biggest threat. Peace reigns supreme for the Earth Sol Alliance. The MEKON, perhaps mankind’s greatest enemy, has finally been vanquished and is undergoing behavioural rehabilitation in a maximum-security prison built on the Moon. This leaves his captor, Dan Dare, desk...[Read More]

Titan Comics The Prisoner #1 Review

When I sat down to research and read Titan Comics’ new issue The Prisoner, released on April 25, 2018, the Cold War was the first thing that popped into my head.  That may seem strange but it’s because the original television show, which first aired in 1967, was heavily threaded with those political tensions.