Press Release

Playstation ‘State of Play’ May 2019

Sony released another entry of their “State of Play” news stream and announced a few new titles headed to PS4 in the near future.

Marvel Battle Lines [Press Release]

In the early 2000’s, Marvel was merely a comic juggernaut. in 2008, they became one of the biggest movie studios in the world. One thing that has remained constant is Marvel’s constant presence in the world of video games. Be it with their widely popular Marvel Vs Capcom series, any number of Spider-Man games, or their more recent foray into mobile gaming with Contest of Champions, Str...[Read More]

THQ Nordic Acquires Kingdoms of Amalur IP

THQ Nordic has announced in a press release that they have acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur IP from 38 Studios. This could potentially lead to a remaster, as well as the release of the unfinished MMORPG code-named ‘Copernicus’.

Nickelodeon Virtual Reality TV Series! [Press Release]

There was a point in time when folks were quite content to be entertained by a voice coming through a radio. Even more unbelievable, you had to wait for the program to air at its specified time. Fan of nickelodeon, then visit cccf and you can watch all shows from nickelodeon. Like, you couldn’t even just turn the radio on and be talked to. Think A Christmas Story, if you will. Like that. Exactly l...[Read More]

Moonlighter Has Exciting New Announcements [Press Release]

Moonlighter is a game from 11 Bit Studios and Digital Sun. This adventure requires some good old fashioned planning. Follow a carefully plotted path on a map to reach your goals and win the game. Reach the end of the game to find out what is waiting for you. Is it a prince/princess? How about treasure? You have to play to find out.

Life is Strange 2 Releasing on All Consoles, Alongside Captain Spirit!

Square Enix has just announced in a new press release with DONTNOD Entertainment that Life is Strange 2 will becoming to all generation consoles!

Fear the Wolves comes to PC Summer 2018

Vostock Games is behind the new PC game, Fear the Wolves, that’s expected to release Sunner 2018.

Jaime Foxx to Star in New Spawn Film

Actor Jaime Foxx is making headlines as Todd McFarlane’s choice to play the lead role in the new Spawn film.  The news was announced in an exclusive article on Deadline earlier this week.  McFarlane will be directing this new adaptation of the film himself.  In addition, he’ll be working as both screenwriter and co-producer in conjunction with Blumhouse Production.

Futuristic Alien Shooter HYPERGUN Announced!

NVYVE Studios, the makers behind the indie horror game P.A.M.E.L.A., have created a futuristic, game in which players must protect the planet Earth from aliens.

Entertainment Industry Vets Team Up with Queensbury Pictures

Queensbury Pictures is promising a new impressive collection of unique and engaging films and TV shows,  which will be released into the ever-changing market of entertainment.

Jonathan Hacker Producing and Directing New Film, Path of Blood

Award-winning director Jonathan Hacker will be producing and directing the film Path Of Blood. The aforementioned film is a documentary film, which will give viewers a look at inside of a sect of Islamic terrorists.

Once Upon a Time 7×11- “Secret Garden” Synopsis and Photos

ABC network has recently released a sneak peek into the upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time title “Secret Garden”. See the press release and photos here!