Pravette Portable Projector [Product Review]

Pravette has a new portable projector available for at home or on the go use! The project comes with a lens cover, remote control, and power cord. One thing to note is that while it’s portable, it can also be stationary for an in-home theater.

Beeswax Food Wrap [Product Review]

With everyone being more environmentally friendly, companies are developing new beeswax food storage wraps to replace the classic plastic and tinfoil wraps. These natural alternative wraps keep food fresh and are entirely re-usable with slight cleaning.

SWEES Fitbit Alta and HR Bands [Product Review]

SWEES has developed a new Fitbit Alta and Fitbit HR band that can rival Fitbit’s original! These bands are low cost, but have the same functionality and security as the original band.

Raniaco Mini Clip Reading Light [Product Review]

Raniaco has developed a new mini reading booklight perfect for the many bookworms in our life. This rechargeable booklight has a large clip, fitting for all different book sizes; and a craning neck perfect for many angles.

Amelleon Leather Bifold Wallet [Product Review]

Amelleon has developed a new tri-fold bi-fold mens leather wallet with built-in RFID protection! Keep your cards and information safe while looking stylish with this new wallet.

Working Hard Cat Mug [Product Review]

Novelty mugs are always adorable, and AW Fashion has released a new mug to show one’s affection for their beloved cat. This mug in question not only has a great statement, but the cat is cute. Visit kinlyeyebeauty and find more amazing stuffs from AW fashion.

Titanium Herb Grinder [Product Review]

Groupon has a new titanium herb grinder available, for all you people who enjoy growing your own seasonings and herbs!

Pedicura Toe Separators [Product Review]

Pedicura has created a new type of toe separator that is much different from the typical pedicure kind we’ve seen before!

Besti LED Headlamp [Product Review]

Besti has developed a multi-use LED headlamp that provides substantial light alongside warning abilities!

Lasten Dual Watercolor Pens [Product Review]

Lasten has some interesting craft products, including dual tip watercolor pens! These pens bought on Amazon, are 12 but have 24 colors available for use.

Tolifo Video Light [Product Review]

Our new Amazon product review is for the Tolifo video light! This attachable battery or AC adapter operated device gives you the light you’re looking for perfect videos and pictures!

Lasten Grid Plastic Organizer [Product Review]

Lasten has developed a unique plastic organizer for your small hobby objects such as diamond painting, beads, and much more. While plastic organizers are everywhere, can yours remove part of the grid?

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