A New Battletoads is Coming to Xbox One

Xbox revealed a new Battletoads game will be making its way to Xbox and PC. The reveal happened during Xbox’s briefing at Sunday, June 10th at E3 (2018).

Bethesda Reveals Rage 2 at E3

Bethesda unveiled game play footage of the upcoming sequel to Rage during their press release at E3 (2018). Rage 2 will be released in Spring 2019.

Watch: Rage 2 Trailer

After a couple of days hinting at it, Bethesda has officially released the announcement trailer for Rage 2. After waiting seven since the release of the original game, fans will be able to once again explore the post-apoptotic world and get into plenty of gunfights with raiders and mutants.

Rage 2 Plot and Gameplay Revealed

The second installment of the game Rage will be released sometime in 2019. This new installment will have players step into the shoes of Walker, who is the last real threat to the power structure of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland. Avalanche Studios promises that this game will have a steampunk type color scheme, along with a similar overall style.