Rumored Harry Potter RPG Leaked

Alleged leaked footage of an upcoming Harry Potter based RPG has been released online. It’s only been out for a few hours, but already buzz is spreading about the potential that this game would create.

Rumor: Google May be Planning to Break Into the Video Game Industry

One of the biggest rumors in gaming currently revolves around tech conglomerate Google. People briefed or informed secondhand by the tech giant report that they’re planning some sort of streaming service and hardware/console.

New Pokemon Game Coming To the Switch [RUMOR]

With plenty of rumors circulating about the next entry in Nintendo long-running Pokemon series, a recent leak may have revealed the titles of the upcoming games in the series. A post on 4Chan has stated that the next two games will be Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee.

Star Fox May Be Getting A Racing Game [RUMOR]

In a recent stream of rumors surrounding Nintendo”s Retro Studios, the Star Fox series might be getting into the racing scene. The Texas developer, who had worked on the Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong series on the Wii and Wii U, may be working on a new game titled called Star Fox Grand Prix if recent Reddit posts are to be believed.

Pokemon For The Switch [RUMOR]

In a Spanish version of Nintendo magazine, an article has apparently confirmed an new Pokemon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Check out here to see the page along with details on the potential upcoming game!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date? [RUMOR]

On retailer Target’s website, a page for Kingdom Hearts 3 had listed the game would be coming out this November. While this isn’t yet confirmed by Square Enix, it would certainly be an interesting release right before the holiday hype.

Agents of Shield Renewed For Sixth Season [RUMOR]

Recently, the website Movie TV Tech Geeks, a report stated that ABC has renewed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a sixth season. This came as a surprise since it’s been up in the air and the way Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been working their fifth season, it seemed to be their last. Check out some of the details here!

Spyro May Be Coming To The Switch (Rumor)

With the recent reveal of Activision’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a recent error on the Nintendo UK website hints that the trilogy might be coming out on the Nintendo Switch! See the details here.

The Dragon May Return (Spyro Rumors)

Rumors have been circling around Activision making a remastered collection of the classic game trilogy Spyro The Dragon. However a recent twitter response from Target may have revealed the truth behind these rumors.

New Splinter Cell Maybe Coming Soon (RUMOR)

On a recent Reddit post, a user had posted a link to an Amazon product page listing a new game in the Splinter Cell franchise. We have all the info here that might lead to a new Splinter Cell game!